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Handheld Electronics

Anyone getting their almost 3 year old a handheld electronic - like the mobigo, leapfrog explorer, or ixl? 


I am so confused reading about these and which one is 'better'.  


Any first hand experience or advice greatly appreciated!

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Re: Handheld Electronics

  • I don't have any personal experience with either of them but am facing a similar situation--I don't know which one to get!  I'm torn between the Mobigo and the iXL; both have features that I know DD will enjoy but they're both so cool it's hard to choose.  Maybe whichever one I can get the better price on will be the deciding factor.  
  • grandma got DD (4) the mobigo. she read reviews and compared them in the store. i liked that one the best too. the graphics on all of these are amazing - i am so old school but i was impressed... 
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  • DS is 4, and he already has a Nintendo DS and a Leapster 2.  He's getting an Explorer from my mom this year.   He likes his DS over his Leapster, but he's really interested in the Explorer so we'll see. 
  • We went with the mobigo. It was a hard choice though. But my DD's request was actually for "a pink computer". And I think the mobigo's slideout keyboard will make it more computerish for her since she loves to find letters and numbers on my laptop and my slideout cell phone. Plus it comes in pink.
    - Jena
  • We went with the Explorer. We took DD to the store and let her try each one in the aisle. She always went back to the Explorer.
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