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green tea ice cream

O, how I love thee.


Can you tell I'm bored on my lunch hour? Anyway, what are y'all's favorite vices/sweets/trashy reality tv shows? :P 

Re: green tea ice cream

  • Green tea ice cream would be amazing right now.

    I don't really like reality tv, or tv in general...but I do read pretty regularly.

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  • I just bought a new tub of pumpkin ice cream....there is just nothing better.



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  • Are all the green tea avoidance advisories a non-issue once you're in second tri?  I know there are some studies pointing to lack of folic acid absorption and green tea consumption in early pregnancy (which would be bad) but I'm assuming once your baby is past that early stage, that green tea would be okay again. 

    I'd love some green tea ice cream.  And I'd love my decaf mint green tea at night again.

  • I asked my OB about green tea/ green tea ice cream because I love both, and she said the only thing to be concerned about is the caffeine content. So, like many other things during pregnancy, she said it was fine in moderation.
  • Non-pregnant vice?  Champagne!

    Hmm... any Real Housewives show, and I do check USmagazine online.

    And to be honest, I hate green tea ice cream.  I just can't get into the flavor though I love green tea.  Weird.

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