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Postpartum Depression

twins in the nicu + PPD= not a happy Jaime

I'm new to this board...and motherhood in general. My name is Jaime and I'm 23 yrs old. I have 28 day old twins, Tage & Taylen, who were born at 30 weeks gestation.

This week my doctor diagnosed me with Postpartum Depression. I knew and recognized the signs and made the appointment. I did lie about it at first though to another dr because i felt embarrassed. I know I shouldn't feel embarrassed and all, everyone keeps telling me that, but I still am for some reason.

.....what a crappy week. Just wanted to introduce myself to you ladies. I don't know anybody else who has dealt with PPD so I'm sure I'll have lots of questions for you guys.


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Re: twins in the nicu + PPD= not a happy Jaime

  • Congrats on your babies :)

    I suffered from PPD in the beggining with my lo and am just revisiting this board now to seek advice with my general anxiety. Im sure you will find alot of support here.
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    Congratulations on your babies, they are adorable and look like they are doing well. What are you doing for your PPD? meds or counseling or both? After my experience with LO in NICU, I was also diagnosed with post tramatic stress disorder which is requiring counseling to re-train my brain to think of the events positively and not negatively. Just something to think about. How are Tage and Taylen?


    They are doing well. Gaining weight everyday and just learned how to eat with a bottle. They eat one bottle a day right now. Both are still on oxygen and caffeine. They are hoping we can have them home by Christmas. I sure hope so...

    I just started taking medicine yesterday. I'm on Citalopram and I start counseling on December 2nd. I'm nervous about it to be honest. It was hard to talk to my dr even, and i don't even know this person... I can't even talk to my DH about it really. idk.

    How long was your LO in the NICU?


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  • I'm a preemie mom as well, so I definitely understand where you are emotionally. DS is four months actual (2 months adjusted), and I'm definitely dealing with PPD right now.

    Since my LO is a little older than your guys, I will tell you that I felt like I went through a period of post traumatic stress after he was discharged from the hospital, so be aware of that possibility and know that it is totally normal.

     Best of luck to you!

  • I'm glad to hear that the twins are doing good!  Believe it or not, I found it easier to talk to a stranger than anyone I knew.  I didn't feel "judged".  While there is a lot less stigma around PPD anymore, I still felt embarassed by it.  I don't anymore.  I talk about it freely - it really embarassed my MIL.  I don't care.  I want people to know what I went through.  It might help someone else.  Good luck with counselling tomorrow - good luck with NICU!!!
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  • Hi!  I'm new to this site, but I also have twins!  They just turned 1 on Dec 4 and were born at 32weeks.  I didn't confess to anyone about PPD until they were 6months, and finally got on some meds.  I'm still on them now, and am not ready to get off of them[though, remember I started when my twins were 6months old].

     They were in the NICU for 35days.  If you want any advice on anything, don't be afraid to come to me.  I've been there, and it's tough.  *hugs*

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