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Postpartum Depression

I had no idea!

Hello ladies!

So I just wanted to share.....I had no idea that there was such a thing as ppa! I was convinced I was going crazy! I was having mood swings, being very snippy with my dh, not sleeping well, and having panic attacks about small things (dried water being on the mirror) bc I was sure my dh would notice and think I was a bad house keeper.

The man wouldnt notice or care either way! He is a great husband and I get to stay home with our son. So I couldnt figure out where all these emotions were coming from. I was sure i didnt have ppd bc I wasnt "depressed" I didnt have feelings of hurting myself or ds. Honestly I just thought I was going nuts lol.

So i started to see a woman that does biblical counseling which was good but just wasnt cutting it. I talked to my obgyn that delivered my ds when I went in for my annual exam. He prescribed 10 mg of paxil which will take a few weeks to start working but hopeful will help!

when did you realize you had ppd/ppa?  thanks for the vent just wanted to share and get some feed back. 

Re: I had no idea!

  • I am think that I have that now! I break down when my children remess what I just cleaned, I'm just supper anxious about things. So I have an appointment with my dr. to disscuss this.
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