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Shyn and Mel

Sorry for hte delay in response. I decided to start a new thread as the Shyns was pretty far down..

I have been in Atlanta for a week therefore, not much time to bump. We submitted our paperwork last Monday. We were approved for the attain program (shared risk) the week before. I am going to call today to make sure there is nothing else that I need to do. My sis offered her eggs. However, she s twenty seven and just got married two weeks ago. Somehow that seems a little too close to home.

I am praying for the perfect donor everyday..

Please update me on your status (both of you)

"Onward"--CathyMD Waiting since 07/5/2011 for our forever child! Yep we are adopting!

Re: Shyn and Mel

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    Thanks for the update...what was the process like to be approved for the shared risk?    it appears my insurance would pay 100% if I didnt need a donnor, but nothing for donnor related expenses.   

    We are kind of in limbo right now between building a new custom home or trying Donnor IVF.   My husband has said he is okay with either decision, but its hard to determine which is best right now with respect to money.     I told him we should move ahead with the house...but every month when AF comes...I have moment when I think we should change plans.   

     Husband's test were all fine with great numbers....which we knew...I still have crappy under preforming eggs and will need a donnor.

    it's tough because of our age both sets of parents are always telling us it's not the end of the world if we dont have kids....especially since my DH has a son from a prior marriage.   I am Lucky my DH really wants another child so we try to be patient with them but its hard to keep hearing that we are getting to old.  Plus my brother-in law got married last year and I expect any day to hear the they are they keep telling me that my mother-in law said she would quit work to watch any baby they have..ugh....they know our situation but cant help telling us crap like that.

    Sorry for the just realy nice to have other out there that understand what you are going though!



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    Hi Guys!  We are waiting for donor choices.  I haven't heard anything since I turned in our paperwork so I will probably call next week to see if there is anything else they need from us.  They said it can take 3 to 6 minths to find a donor.

    Mel, I was a patient of Dr. T for over a year trying with my own eggs.  Since I don't really ovulate & have high FSH he said that we would need DE.  Once I wrapped my mind around that, we called and made an appt to talk about DE.   He had the DE/IVF info there for us.  It included a shared risk program that if you use DE you pay essentially 1 1/2 the cost of 1 IVF and you get 3 fresh & 3 frozen attempts.  If you don't get pregnant, you get the money back.  There is more cost for the Donor, meds and such that you don't get back though.  My advice would be to go ahead and get the information now, you don't have to pay anything until you & the Donor start meds.  So, since it takes 3 to 6 months to find a donor I would start now.

    I'll be 43 in April, and I don't think we will keep trying after 45.  I'm hoping that Char's DE good luck will rub off on me & we will get pregnant on the first try.... I'm still an optomist (most of the time).

    Good Luck!  I'll keep both of you ladies in my prayers!  I hope we all get good news soon.

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    :::butting in:::

    Shy!  You just got me all teary...I'm keeping everything crossed that this DE cycle brings you your wish!!! 

    As an FYI, my clinic also told me it would take 3-6 months to find a donor, but as soon as they get off their butts to give you your choices it goes pretty fast!! 

    Thinking of you!!!

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    Shyn...we are in the same place. Although you submitted paperwork before I did..

    Char should be the poster child for DE..

    Mel, We have mfi and ama against us. We only have two vials of sperm frozen. That is it for DH. So if we move on to the third fresh cycle we would have to use DS too. This is to get the full 100% refund (minus donor feess/meds etc)..however if we don't do 3 than we would get 70% back.

    Here is hoping ladies!

    "Onward"--CathyMD Waiting since 07/5/2011 for our forever child! Yep we are adopting!
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