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How to reach the troops?


I am hoping someone can help me out.  I am starting a new holiday tradition with my son called the 25 days of giving. Each day we are doing a small project (he's only 22 months) for someone else (making cookies for local police, donating spare change to salvation army, making a card for a senior citizen, etc).  I would love to incorporate something into our project for the troops.  I so respect the men and women who keep my family safe and free.  Can anyone give me some specific ideas...maybe a way I could send a holiday card to someone serving?  Thanks!

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  • I've heard about I guess you aren't allowed to address mail generically (i.e. "to a soldier in Afhganistan"). You have to be specific. This website gives you the name and address of a soldier who has signed up to receive correspondences from anyone.
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  • is another website where you can adopt a soldier.  Also, if you live near a military base, look at their website and find the number to ACS.  They'll be able to give you tons of info.
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