High-Risk Pregnancy

Ridiculously high risk pregnancy.

Where can I even begin about my high risk pregnancy?

I knew before I even got pregnant that it was going to be harder because I have extremely severe scoliosis. When my boyfriend and I found out I was pregnant we couldn't have been happier, until we started finding out all of the complications.

It started when I found out that I was RH negative so they had to give me a shot for that. 

Then they were just checking my heart and said it sounded like a had a heart murmer, so they ran a bunch of tests only to find out that when I had a small hole in my heart, and when I got pregnant, all of the extra blood flow tore the hole open, and now I'm on blood thinners that I have to inject.

I'm finally in my 36th week and I've found out that I have to get heart surgery right after he's born.

On December 13 I have to get induced because of my blood thinners. With my scoliosis being as bad as it is, my doctor is talking about not being able to get an epidural, which would cause my blood pressure to rise putting my heart at more risk, so I might end up having to get a c-section. I'm really upset and really scared.

Any help?

Re: Ridiculously high risk pregnancy.

  • Hi, I don't have experience in this area at all, but I'm a lurker on this board because I learn so much here! 

    I just wanted to wish you good luck and send some encouragement. There are a lot of ladies on this board who can relate to all sorts of medical conditions - some that truly defy the odds and others that just need support as they go through their pgs.  [[hugs]]
  • Well, I don't think we have to pray for sticky dust at this point, but moreso for the sake of your heart. Do they mean right after the baby comes out you have to have the surgery, or a few weeks/months after you have your LO? Hang in there, I'm praying for you.
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  • They haven't really decided when to do the surgery yet. It's all up in the air for now, like the epidural issue. I'm quite worried about that at this point.


    Thanks for the support guys (:

  • First of all I wanted to say Congratulations on making it to 36 weeks - you are practically full-term, which is a wonderful milestone!  I think we need to try to celebrate our wins, even though you might be nervous about what's next.

    As far as the delivery goes, every first-time mom is nervous about it.  Whether being induced, having a c-section or planning a vaginal delivery, the unknown is definitely scary so you are not alone there.  Try not to worry so much about the specifics of it (c-section or not, epidural or not) and just remember that you will get through it either way - it is only one day in your whole life, just a blink of an eye really, when you think about it.  

    Finally, I just wanted to remind you that you have doctors who specialize in high-risk pregnancies looking after you.  So whatever they decide is best for you and your baby, is going to be 100% the best decision - these docs have been though these situations many many times before, and have your best interest in mind.

    Good luck with everything, and please let us know when that beautiful baby is born! 



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  • Good luck, I can't imagine what you're going through (though I'm on blood thinners, too and have to be induced). Two of my friends had C Sections in the last month and they said that it was not nearly as bad as they expected. Hope maybe that can help a little. 


    Thoughts and prayers with you. 

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  • I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this!!! I wish you all the best in the world, you are in my thoughts and prayers :)
  • Hi;

    I dont have any experience with this but wanted to send thoughts and prayers your way. ((HUGS)) everything will be alright. You and your baby will be healthy.

  • Hi, Im sorry I was just randomly lurking. I did have a high risk pregnancy with my ds too (renal colic, hospitilized 3 weeks until induction). I also had a whole in my heart repaired before ds was born. I just wanted to tell you that it was very easy, they did it with a shunt and my whole was VERY large. Over 1.5inches (had it since birth). I was in for surgery at 10am and discharged from the hospital at 4pm. The worst of it all was a sore throat for a few days from having a camera down my throat and then having to lie down pretty much 24/7 at home due to intense blood thinners.its really not that bad. Dont worry it will be okay! Im sorry your dealing with all of this. Your lo will be worth it though.
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  • i have scoliosis too and my dr checked it out and they can do the epidural i had a spinal tap done when i had a cervical cerglage done
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