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just stumbled onto this board

at 37 weeks, we found out that my son was frank breech (he was "V" shaped with his butt covering the cervix) ... there was no way he was coming out safely without a c/s.

i try not to dwell ... especially since he is an amazing kid ... but sometimes i still feel sad.  most of the people in my life don't get it, they tell me i'm not missing much, wasn't it convenient to plan his arrival, bla bla bla.  i feel like no one knows how i feel.  then i come upon this board ... you guys get it.

i spend most of my nest time on the TTC over 35 board (will be 42 in march, practically a geriatric mom) ... but if i am lucky enough to get pregnant again, i am really, really, really hoping for a VBAC.  my ob practice is supportive, and i live in a big city with plenty of large hospitals.

i've done the research, and my age is the only thing not in my favor ... doesn't make it impossible ... just a little more tricky.

anyway, i'm just happy to have found this board, and ::::crossing fingers:::: i'll have a success story to contribute.

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  • I feel the same way. Most people don't understand why having a c/s still bothers me. Good luck TTC, I hope it happens for you soon!
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  • I agree. Its nice to find a place where its okay to be unhappy with my birth experience despite having a healthy child and that appreciates that I'm not interested in the convienance of a repeat c-section.
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  • I send positive thoughts and prayers your way for a sticky baby soon.

    This board has been a god send to me as well.

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  • Yes I think most of us understand exactly what you mean. My family still doesn't understand my desire to have a VBAC. I hope you can get a sticky bean. I don't think age is a factor you need to worry about. Yes you are at increased risk but VBAC risk is still so low.
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  • Totally understand other people not understanding why you want to VBAC.  It makes it so much easier to know that I am not the only one to feel sad about the birth of my baby.

    Hoping for a sticky baby for you when you are ready!

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