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Gestational HYPOtension

I am 19w and just diagnosed with gestational hypotension. I have been having blood pressures in the 70-80/40-50, with syncopal (fainting) episodes and confusion  My OB has no clue what to do or at least thats wht she told me.  I am having an Echocardiogram on monday to see if I have a pregnancy exacerbated heart defect. But beyond that what is out there for women like me?  There isn't alot from what I am seeing. 

Re: Gestational HYPOtension

  • I have that when I am not pregnant.  Drink lots of fluids.  Since I am BFing I am drinking almost 100oz a day.  Gatorade is one of the best.  It has the electrolytes and lots of sodium.  Also increase your salt intake. 

    I had my echo the other day.  My cardiologist doesn't think that is the problem, and that it is neurological.  The next step is a tilt table test to induce fainting.  Once I am done BFing I will probably be on meds, but the meds are not safe while BFing so I am trying to stay hydrated the best I can.  I feel like I am in the first tri with how bloated I am and I am not pregnant. 

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  • Are you checking your sugars at the same time which might also be a culprit?  I guess you have since your SN is medicJ.  Mine got down to the 30's and I only had a bad headache. 
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  • I suppose my name gives it away a bit.  My husband and i are both paramedics.  He take my pressures for me pretty regularly because I am normaly on the low end of what is considered normal blood pressure.  My sugars have all been fine along with all my other lab work.  My doc did orthostatic test on me, blood pressures while laying, sitting and then standing and I failed miserably.  Just about collapsed on her.  Right now I am off of work brcause it wouldnt look good if I passed out on a patient. I am wondering if my only option is to be off work for the next 5 months. I do drink ALOT of water and pee almost as much.  I have no swelling and have not gained a single pound so far in my pregnancy.  I am sure the Echo will be clear. 
  • Considered compression hose? I know we use them alot with patients with orthostatic hypo in the hospital. helps them stay a little more even.
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  • Perhaps you have a ton of peripheral vasodilation decreasing your cardiac output.  Hhmmmm will have to pubmed this one and see what there is.

    Three losses in 2009; Boy/Girl twins born in 2010 image
  • Well after seeing a Neurologist, Cardiologist and my primary and OB nobody has any answers. And Echo was clear.  I am still staying in the low 80/40s with lightheadedness and near fainting episodes.  I am off work now until D Day (april 16th), no bed rest but basicaly house arrest.  My OB says no driving and no lifting, and Cardiologist says don't do anything that agrivates my low BP. I cant even do laundry with out getting dizzy. Thank God for my Hubs, but he too has things to prepare for (ie Deployment in May).  I may lose my mind but at least I will have a healthy baby at the end of it.  Now I just have to see if they will even let me deliver naturally, there maybe issues with that and an epidural with hypotension.  114 days to go, I think I can I think I can I think I can.
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