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Postpartum Depression

paxil? 10 mg anyone else

I was just given a perscription for paxil 10 mg. I tried to see a counselor sorry if I spelled that wrong. Anyhow I have been trying to tough it out but I just need to admit that I have ppd and am not just somehow all of the sudden "a bad wife" like I feel I am. Anyone taken paxil what was your experience? I dont want to be on it long just long enough to get back to a healthy mindstate again.

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  • I didn't take paxil, but I did need meds for my PPD. I stayed on them for almost a year and just recently weaned off. Don't feel guilty or like you are a "bad wife." I know it is hard to go on meds, but just try and remember, if you had any other disease would you feel guilty for treating it? Of course not. You Dr. is treating you to help you get better. There is no shame in that.
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  • I don't have PPD, ( I'm still pregnant), but was diagnosed with depression prior to pregnancy. I've been on up to 50 mg of Paxil per day. 10 mgs isn't very much. I'm now on Zoloft (50 mgs) during pregnancy and don't know if I'll stick with that or go back to Paxil. I know when I first was diagnosed and started it, it took several weeks for it to start "working". Good luck!

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