May 2011 Moms

Official Introduction.

I have been lurking for a couple days now. I have commented on posts and even made a few posts myself. I am currently 16w 4d with child. I have 1 hyper, crazy animal. His name is Dexter. He is a 5 month old pitbull. There is a picture of him in my signature.

All you May Ladies seem calm and very supportive. I cannot wait to see all of us expand and pop together. With each day I hope we bond and grow closer. Kind of like becoming sister's but with different mother's and father's.

Cheers! To wonderful pregnancies, healthy babies, and insane mood swings!!!

[Lifts fake wine glass, and chugs] LOL!!!

Marley Soledad
Esma: I'll turn him into a flea. A harmless little flea. Then Ill put that flea in a box. And put that box inside another box. Mail that box to myself. And when it arrives. ILL SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER. Its brilliant, brilliant, brilliant I tell you. Genius I say.
Or to save on postage. Ill poison him with this.

Re: Official Introduction.

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