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Failed 1 hour Glucose Test

I was pretty sure I had failed and I was right. Dr office called this am a said my 1 hour glucose was 171. I will take the 3 hour after Thanksgiving. Anyone pass the 3 hour with a 1 hour glucose that high? I am 10 weeks (have not figured out the ticker yet). With my DS I barely failed both the 1 hour and 3 hour at 28 weeks.

Re: Failed 1 hour Glucose Test

  • my 1 hour was 179 and i failed my 3-hour.  but there are plenty of people who had opposite outcomes.  just b/c your 1-hour was high doesn't mean you're guaranteed to fail. 
  • I am lurking, but was high risk because of PTL....

    I failed my 1hr with a 186 and went on to pass the 3hr with flying colors! Good luck!

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  • I have PCOS so I took the test twice, once early maybe 12 weeks and once at 30 weeks. Both times I failed the one hour and both times I passed the 3 hour. It happens a lot. Don't lose hope.
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  • Thanks girls! You are giving me some hope. I go back the Monday after Thanksgiving for the 3 hour. I am hoping for the best. If I fail, I know it's not the end of the world.
  • My doctor considered my 138 a failure, and made me take the 3-hour glucose test. It was gross, and I had to take it the day before my grandfather's funeral, but I passed. I had one failed reading of 174 at 2 hours, but all my other readings passed. I don't know if it made a difference, but I made sure that I was extremely well hydrated the day before.

     Good luck!

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