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Tell me about a good area to live in/near San Diego

I am in the process of interviewing for a job in San Diego and if I get the offer, I'd like to know more about where to live and the costs. 

The job is near Old Town. The most important consideration for us is the school district (thinking waaay in advance here)

What are some areas with good school districts that are not too far from my potential workplace?

Also, what is the cost of daycare in San Diego?

Thanks for all your help! 

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Re: Tell me about a good area to live in/near San Diego

  • Mission Valley would be a good place to rent if you guys wanted to check it out first.  Lots of apartments, malls, etc.

    I know that Poway/Scripps Ranch has a good school's probably a 20-30 min drive.  The areas pretty close to old town are pacific beach (college town), downtown, and south of old town probably wouldn't have the best school districts.  I really don't know though...I live in north county.

    We have a nanny and pay about 2k/mo.  I think daycare's or in homes are probably 1k-1,800 maybe...just a guess as we do a nanny.   

     Good luck w/ the job!

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  • Poway school district is by far the best in San Diego and one of the best in the nation. It includes... Poway, Scripps, Carmel Mt., Penesquites and Rancho Bernardo. Scipps would be the closet to Old Town. We have a ton of freeways so pretty much everything is 20mins away in San Diego county. Another good area for you to look would be Point Loma, Sunset Cliffs and Pacific Beach. Those are all right on the beach and a little closer to Old Town.
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  • Scripps Ranch is considered San Diego Unified School District. If you want Poway Unified (which is the best!) you need to stay within Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Carmel Mtn, Rancho Penesquitios and Saber Springs area.
  • Well I am biased, but I love Ocean Beach and Point Loma.  It would be close to your new job and is a very Family friendly community.  My daughter is only in Pre-School, but we love it.  It is one of the few places in San Diego that you could live within walking distance from beach, parks, restaurants, library, school, groceries...

    It really just depends on your lifestyle and what you are looking for. For some people Ocean Beach is too "hippy" but then there is the more "upscale" Point Loma.  We always have fun festivals and community events.  

    Best of Luck!  My Husband and I are both from other places and love it here.  



  • If you dont want to spend 40+ minutes commuting during rush hour traffic I would avoid Poway or other north county areas. Pt loma are does have a good school district, my friends son goes to school there. Day cares really vary but the average seems to be $50-$65 a day.
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  • I agree Poway district is excellent. 
  • Grossmont isn't super close but it's closer than Poway. I live near Tierrasanta, which is only 15-20 min from Old Town. I really like it here. No idea about daycare as my kids are home with me.
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