SAHM's - calendars and planners

I'm a total dork for asking this. But I have never been able to live without my paper planner. I need to write things down. Now that I'm going to be home, I don't know whether I'll use a planner anymore or if a wall calendar would suffice.

Do you find that you still have a need for a mobile planner/calendar. Or are you not out and about as much? 

(I don't mean that offensively, I'm just not used to not having work and after work appointments, etc.) 

Re: SAHM's - calendars and planners

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    I just print out monthly calendars from and keep them on the fridge. I have a Blackberry but don't like the calendar feature. I'd rather be able to write things down and look at a whole week or month at a time easily.
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    i put everything into my Outlook calendar - that way it gives me reminders for things - which i REALLY need b/c i can't remember sh!t these days.

    i also have a paper planner i keep in my diaper bag (and my work bad - i work part time)... that way i can schedule doc appts when i'm there and not have to wait until i'm home b/c again, i'd forget to do that :)

    a lot of people use their phones for caledars- i don't like them b/c you can't see what's on each day when looking at the month.... that's why i still go paper for my bag -and then add it to outlook when i'm home.

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    i work part time but i use ical for everything. it's on my phone, my laptop, desktop and ipad.

    i schedule home/baby related stuff the same way i do work and personal appointments, it's the only way i can keep track of everything. i don't have a rigid schedule but i block out time during each day to do certain things, it doesn't always work out that way but it helps remind me if anything must get done. 

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    I have a wall calendar and anything scheduled goes on it, along with due dates for bills. I have never had the need to have a mobile calendar since the wall one works for us.
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    Sometimes I print monthly calendars, sometimes I don't ; )  We actually really need a calendar, but we waited too long this year to find one so I'm just dealing without one until January!

    Our schedule doesn't change much in terms of school, church, practices, etc.  When we have parties or family get-togethers, I'm good about remembering those dates, or I keep birthday party invites on the fridge.  If we have doctor or dentist appts, hubby keeps those in the calendar on his Blackberry.

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    I have a large wall calendar that hangs in our kitchen. Everything goes on it; birthdays, appts, work schedules, bills, parties etc... Anything for me is in pink marker, DH is in green, J is light blue & "family"/all is in navy blue
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