my girls are always so congested and the syrigne is just too big and i can't get everything out with it. we have tried saline drops and they hate that as well. any other ideas..


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Re: congestion

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    Create a steam room in your bathroom. Run your shower on its hottest setting. Then sit in there for about 5-10 minutes. Pat your girls back and help break up and release the congestion. Works every time!

     Also, we always put Vick's Vapor rub on her feet and put socks over top when putting her to sleep.  Also, give baths with the a Vapor bath.

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    We put a cool mist humidifier in their room and it made a HUGE difference. I run it all night, and when they're napping in their during the day.
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    My girls had this for a few weeks.  We used a warm mist humidifier in their room at night and during naps.  Also, we gave them warm baths- sometimes 2 per day, and then stayed in the bathroom with them before and after to breath in the steam.  After that, we would suction their noses to get everything out.  They also make smaller bulb syringes- I'm sure you can find them online.  I was scared to use the vicks because it says on the box that it's not for children under 2, but it probably would be fine to use it.
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