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Meds & Breastfeeding

Posted earlier this week about starting to seek help for signs of PPD - I ended up calling my OB/GYN and set up an appointment with my PCP to get a referral for a psychiatrist.

I'm a little confused - my OBGYN gave me a prescription for Wellbutrin, and basically said that there are no safe (or at least 100% safe) meds to take while breastfeeding.  I called my pediatrician, who basically said that there aren't many safe meds but I could maybe take Prozac, only in low amounts.  I will definitely discuss this with my psychiatrist, but I'm baffled that I hear of women taking meds (Zoloft, Prozac) while BFing, but other doctors say no.  Is it just a doctor by doctor difference of opinion?  I feel like I've tried to advocate for myself and try to find a way to keep breastfeeding, but I'm just not sure what to do.  Any advice would be helpful. 

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Re: Meds & Breastfeeding

  • I too, am struggling with this. I posted below about prozac and breastfeeding and my OB said the same thing about prozac. I put out an email to my son's pediatrician wanting feedback from her. I'm torn myself, but I want to make sure my DS is getting my bm. I refuse to compromise him even though it's probably in my best interest personally.
  • The response of meds and bfing is totally dependant on the dr.  Some don't know and aren't willing to look into it.  There are TONS of meds you can take while nursing!  While I am not a dr, I have had PPD with both kids and been on meds and bf -ed both times. I just weaned my daughter and took welbutrin the entire time. A psychiatrist is going to know more than a md about meds and what you need to take based on your symptoms, so be completely honest about everything!

    Just know that anything you put into your body gets into your milk to some degree and some drugs have been tested more than others. Personally I know that me on meds and bfing is better than me without meds and trying to cope on my own.  The meds help to take the edge off so I can live day to day until I feel better.  I have been able to wean off meds both times after my kids.

    Good luck and don't give up!  With PPD you have to be your own advicate and tell peoplewhat you need!!



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  • It is going to depend greatly on who you go see as to the information you receive, in this case because you saw an OB and consulted a pediatrician it is going to be a matter of how well they keep informed of a topic that is not their specialty. For example it would be like going to an dentist for a sinus problem, they may have some information but it isn't their main practice therefore the knowledge they have may be outdated by a few months or a few years. When it comes to medical even a few months can make a big difference.

    That being said, I do consult a psychiatrist for my medications and the one's I am on are deemed safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding women. There are safe medications out there to treat a wide variety of issues a postpartum women may be concerned with. If he truly meant 100% safe then yes that is an accurate assessment, even on the ones that have very small half life's there is a chance of withdraw, or any of the risks associated with the medications but they are so extremely rare as to be almost none existent. The warning is more there to protect the pharmaceutical on the extremely unlikely chance something were to happen they can at least fall back on the defense of having a warning.

    Being on medication does not have to be the end of breastfeeding and if you do not want it to be the end then keep fighting for your right to be healthy and breastfeeding. Seek a psychiatrist and explain to them that you need to find a medication compatible with breastfeeding.    

  • There is an organization in Toronto that works out of the Hospital for Sick Children.  It is called Motherisk and you can find their number at

    They have conducted so many studies and have detailed information on the different medications and BF.  Check out their site and/or give them a call !!

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