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Where to live?

I am trying to help my brother and SIL find a location to move. He is in the Navy and will be stationed in Virginia (Virginia Beach) shortly. He is currently overseas and she is living with her family in the Midwest so we have no idea where to look. We are from Maryland but I never realized how hard it is to find a home in a new place. Some houses look nice but then we hear that the area is bad. Does anyone have any advice? Looking at no more than $160,000.

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  • I grew up in that area.  Some parts are so much nicer than others, but also a bit expensive. Lots of traffic too! MH and I always say that if we move back we will live in the Great Neck/Shore Dr. area.  I lived there in grad school.  Close to the oceanfront, but far away from tourists.  It is on the bay.  We are outdoor people.  We could walk the dogs on the water, jog in Seashore State park, and walk to restaurants.   Not sure about the cost of homes, but thinking they could only get a small apt or townhome for that price.  I am not a big fan of the Kempsville/Indian River area of VB, but they will find cheaper homes there.  

     My parents live in Chesapeake (great Bridge area)  It is growing, very safe and pretty, and cheap too.  They could get a house, and the drive to the base would only be like 20 minutes.  Great school system too. 

  • Feel free to let me know if you have specific locations you have questions about!
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  • with 160,000 budget your going to have to be slightly inland and in a smaller home. If you want to avoid the rougher areas I would not look in Norfolk. I would recommend Central Virginia Beach or Chesapeake. If you have any questions let me know, I live in Virginia Beach about 8 miles from the Oceanfront and am really comfortable there. I think our neighborhood is priced around 220,000ish and it is relatively nice, but you can do a lot better in Chesapeake.
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  • Wow-Thank ladies. I may send you actual addresses when they have some that they are looking at.
  • My BIL was stationed in VA Beach for 6 years, though they just recently moved overseas. While there he actually rented a house with some of his Navy friends right at Chick's Beach (along Chesapeake Bay) and then once he married my SIL they had a condo they rented on Shore Drive.  They always liked this area. 

     I had a friend grow up in Chesapeake and she loved it there.

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