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Anyone else off tomorrow?

I can't wait to sleep in a little.  Then I have an OB appt and I get to hear my LO's heartbeats Smile
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Re: Anyone else off tomorrow?

  • My DH works at a bank and I purposely took the day off. We're sending the LO to daycare and spending the day together. I can't wait!
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  • That's me today! Smile Can't wait to hear the heartbeat in an hour!
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    I can't wait.


    I am going to bundle Jack up and he is going to ride his new trike everywhere. Maybe I will throw him in some leaves. I can't wait to be home with some daylight!  

  • Yup and looking forward to no alarm clock!
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  • I've got the day off!!  My plan is to sleep in and clean my house.  With m/s and being so tired, I've let a lot of housework slide.  I don't think the floors have been mopped since I got the BFP.  Not exactly the best way to spend a day off,  but it will make me feel better.
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  • I'm also off tomrrow Big Smile

    Looking forward to sleeping in and then doing some more maternity clothes shopping! 

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  • my husband has the day off!!! going to drive back to CA (where we are from) today and take a long weekend!!! so excited to see our fams!
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  • So jealous of all of you with the day off... have fun!
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  • I am! I plan to sleep in and then take DH out to lunch (at one of the restaurants that is giving Veterans free food like Applebees or Chili's!).  I am starting to not feel well with the weather getting colder, so hopefully the extra rest will ensure that I don't get sick! 
  • Have fun relaxing!  I'll be working Angry

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  • I had planned to take tomorrow of and go on a camping trip but now I have a cold so I may just go to work and go home to my nice warm bed.
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  • My husband is off as well, and he took Friday off for our NT scan. I am working tomorrow and half a day on Friday. I wish I had off it would maybe make the next day and a half go by faster!
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  • Meeee!! And I'm very glad I do. Tomorrow is our EDD from our most recent loss, and on top of that, I have my 12 week MW appointment. I don't if I could handle all of that on top of the stresses at work. But on a positive note, DH gets free food and it's my "baby" brother's 18th birthday!
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  • I just found out yesterday that it's a paid holiday at my work! I am so excited for a day off and I have my NT scan tomorrow so it should be a great day! Now I'm wishing I would have made my appointment earlier and not around work Its going to be a long wait for 4:00!
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  • Its a paid holiday for me and DH.  I am so excited and wish today would go faster.

    I have my NT scan tomorrow morning and then DH and I plan to hang out

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  • I have the day off!  I'm so excited.  DD and I are going have a great breakfast.  I have an eye appointment at 1:00 and then I'm meeting my sisters and cousins for supper.  I can't wait!
  • I have the day off for Veteran's Day.  DH and I were supposed to go to FL to visit my folks so we took Friday off as well.  Plane tickets were way too high so instead we are going to a B & B in NH for two nights. So excited to have some alone time away from home.  Enjoy your day off!
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