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Would You Pose Nude while being pregnant?

All the way naked like her? ?Sorry not a clicky I dont know how to do it on a Mac. Does anyone know how to? The Model is a Victoria Secret Model. She is so skinny for 6.5 months along! Its also airbrushed. But why are her nipples soo huge!! Mine werent like that at all.



Re: Would You Pose Nude while being pregnant?

  • In that context, with that body, yes.
  • Had I ever looked like that when I was pregnant, I might seriously have considered it.

  • I think for personal (DH and my) eyes only, I think it is beautiful, but not to be shared on the interwebz, you know? And yeah, big nipples...?
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  • I have waaaay too many hangups to pose nude.
  • Yes. I think pregnancy nudes are beautiful. There was one on the cover of Time a month or so ago and it was gorgeous. Time took a lot of crap for it. As for the nipples, that's exactly how mine looked! haha

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  • Heck yeah I would. I was overly confident in my pregnant body, I felt the best I ever have about the way I looked. I would pretty much mentally strut everywhere. Hey, some people just have big puffy nipples, As long as they get the job done.
  • I too was super confident about my the entire time I was pregnant.  I posed nude for my husband right around my due date and I looked freaking awesome!  Those pics will not be shared, but I love having them. 
  • LOL- when I was pregnant my belly was huge and taut- not flabby and it made my waist tiny and skinny.  Pregnant would be the ONLY way I'd pose nude!
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  • I'll add, for some reason for me to qualify it "full nude" I would have to see vagina. But in that aspect it might be more risqu? and dirty then artistic.
  • I wouldn't. I looked very big when I was pg so no I wouldn't lol!
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  • I would except it will be just for my husbands eyes and it woukd be just as tastefully done as hers
  • Ummmm ya.... if I looked like that, I'd walk around naked all day long.  I think it's a totally tasteful picture.
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