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bc screw-up...anybody else?

I was on vacation while on the of week of my pill pack and forgot to bring the new pack...the pharamcist wouldn't refill my Rx but said missing the first two pills of week 1 would be okay if I took 2 the next two nights when I got home. He didn't mention that i should use back-up.

 got home on a tuesday (supposed to start week 1 on sunday) and took 2 tues and 2 wed. had sex the following Sunday without protection. now its 8 days after that and i have spotting - and my period is not due till next week sometime.

 i really doubt I could be pregnant, but the timing is right on - had sex on "day 13" of cycle and having spotting 8 days after that - could be implantation.

 I doubt it, but I'm a little nervous (and I confess excited, although the timing would not be great...)

 Anyone else been there? I guess i'll wait till next week and see what happens...

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Re: bc screw-up...anybody else?

  • I didn't mess up taking the pill, but I got pregnant on the pill. 

    If you don't get your period when it's due, take a test. 

    I took mine religiously every night and it failed me.  I don't trust the things anymore.

  • I have been on BCP continuously since I was 14 for heavy periods, I am now 27.  My now husband and I have had unprotected sex for the last 7 years on BCP without a problem.  I have occasionally missed a pill due to late refills, and rarely I have forgotten for a day and taken 2 (like being 1 1/2 days late) in the same day. 

    BCP can fail even if taken regularly so it wouldn't hurt to test if your period is more than 3 days late.  I have heard that BCP builds up estrogen in the body, so if you've been on it a long time the chances that 2 late pills caused ovulation is probably low.  


    But when in doubt - TEST



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  • I've missed 2 days in a row before... spotting in not uncommon in bcp, especially low dose types.

    That happened to me recently, and you did exactly what my Dr told me to do, when I got the new back I took two and two and continued, I don't rmemember if I spotted, but I have in the past...


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  • I've heard anytime you miss a pill, or even taking them at different times of day, it can cause changes in when your period starts or cause spotting.  I've only missed one day at a time before and it made my period come early that month..that actually happened twice.  I then skipped my sugar pill weeks for three months to get the week before my period and my start day off the day of my wedding to keep my skin cleared up..even though they act like it should work perfecty for skipping periods...it freaked my body out but i never got pregnant just had lots of spotting.
  • Well I would wait until your period is due then when and if you are late, test.  That simple.  Could be spotting form missing your pill or could just be implantation bleeding.  GL!
  • I would definitely test! You never know!
  • I had something similar happen to me (missed the first 2 days of the new pack) and from what I remember I had spotting mid-cycle.  I was a little freaked out as well, but I got my period on time and everything was fine.  Good luck!
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  • Yeah, I got pregnant on Nuva Ring... OI! lol! But we're excited.
  • image future_koeberle09:
    Yeah, I got pregnant on Nuva Ring... OI! lol! But we're excited.

    Future, you should consider taking your full name out of your siggy.  

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