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tell me about lynchburg

dh has an interview there....  I've heard it's ultra conservative....and have read mixed reviews of schools.  

tell me about it.  

Re: tell me about lynchburg

  • Wow! This is a coincidence! I was just looking if there were a Lynchburg board here. And I come here to see the first post about Lynchburg! Well, I lived there for 3 years and yes, ultra conservative, family oriented. I don't know about schools since I didn't have a kid then. What are your main concerns? I loved the area! Its very pretty and if you are into hiking and outdoor stuff its great for that. As for hanging out.. well, we ended up mostly hanging out with our coworkers. But I see you live in NY! I have seen NY-ers move there and move out asap cuz they hated the relaxed lifestyle as NY lifestyle is completely fast paced and is completely opposite of Lynchburg lifestyle! While I was there, there were only one walmart! Small town with one of this and that. Shopping will suck for you as you have it way better in NY! Is your DH interviewing at TEVA? I used to work there.


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  • no, with Randolph College. he's a college professor.  we're in an outer borough of nyc now... but we're originally from smaller areas. we've been here for 3 years.  I'm nervous about having teenagers here (NY). lol.  I mainly want to know that the area is safe and the education system is good. doesn't really give me any idea on the schools. 
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  • Well, I don't know about schools but my husband went to lynchburg college. I have no clue about the schools sorry. I have friends in Lynchburg who went to school there. I can contact them and see what they say. Are you thinking middle school or high school or both?


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  • my oldest starts kindergarten next year... just want to be settled somewhere.  
  • Campbell Co is cheaper as far as taxes and their are good schools. Tomahawk and Leesville Rd. are good I hear. Good city elementary schools are Bedford Hills and Paul Munro. I used to teach in the city. 
  • thank you, abhokie.  I'll look into what you've listed.  dh flies out in a couple of weeks... interview.  so we won't know anything until maybe January or February.
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