Which side by side?

We will soon be transitioning out of the infant seats so then snap n go will have to go.  Wondering which side by side stroller you recommend for in and out of stores... just to keep in the car like we do the dsng.

We have the kolcraft contours that we keep at home and a jogging one too...

I'm debating between combi and maclaren...but am open to suggestions! Just don't want to spend a ton!

Re: Which side by side?

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    I had the Combi and really liked it. I liked that it had the one horizontal handle that I could steer with one hand, if necessary.
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    I went back and forth between the Combi and the City Mini/Micro. I ended up with the Combi because it was a steal on Craigslist and was brand new. I couldn't pass up such an awesome deal!

    I really like the Combi since it is a lot easier to manuever and is not as bulky and large as our DSNG. You can steer one handed with the Combi if you have the phone or a drink in one hand. With the DSNG, it was impossible!

    The thing I am not too happy with, is that the Combi has no cup holders for the parents and the baskets are so small and in such a hard spot to get to. But then again, a lot of the side by sides that are expensive do not have cup holders and large baskets.

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    We have the BOB duallie and I LOVE it!  It's worth every penny!
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    If you can afford it, I'd go with the City Mini. We just got ours in the mail and LOVE it. The key thing for us was the sun shades. We got a Maclaren off of craigslist and every time we'd take the boys out in it the sun was always in their eyes. That said, we live in Phx and it is generally nice out and we spend a lot of time at outdoor malls and such so the sunshade was important to us. 

    Also, with the Maclaren, it was only a year or two old and one of the brakes was broken and a latch that held it together when folded was also broken. I have no idea how the previous owners treated it, but it makes me wonder about overall durability. I only have this one experience with one used Maclaren, so take it with a grain of salt because I know others have loved theirs. 


    ETA: ditto above posts re a single bar to steer also is a huge help. You can steer with one hand instead of two. Makes a huge difference.  

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    we bought (but clearly haven't used) the Maclaren Techno and I really like the stroller itself, how easily it folds down and the features. It was a little heavy (I think 26 lbs?) but not much heavier than the Triumph.

    When I was trying it out at BBB I was able to easily get through all of the aisles and such without an issue. Since we got it I've practiced (yes, I'm a dork) opening and closing the stroller and it's really a cinch. 


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