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Cloth Diapers..

What is everyones thoughts on cloth diapers I am seriously considering them.. Why or why not and if you are doign them what kind for those of you who already have kids whats the best kind??

Re: Cloth Diapers..

  • We absolutely will be using them when little one arrives. Yes

    Why? They're cheaper for us (we don't pay water in our apartment), they're more eco-friendly (in ways) and I'm just used to using them. (Grew up with 3 younger brothers who all wore them when they were babies). I'm just used to it at this point. I know some people are grossed out by the cleaning process, but honestly, it's so simple.

    As for the best kind, I don't know, since I'm a first time mom. I'm still researching them online, but would love to see the feedback you obtain from this post.

    And since we're on the subject: I was also wondering what to use for "storage" until there's a full load ready for washing. (I'm sure that won't take long, but still).

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  • I use Fuzzi Bunz and love them.  They are all in ones with a removable microfiber insert.  I rinse every night and wash every other night.  During the day, the diapers go in one of those silver garbage pails with a lid.  The insert slides out so at night when I rinse my diapers, I wash the pails.  One pail goes in the bathroom for poop diapers and one in my son's room for just wet.  A sprayer on your toilet is key for rinsing the poop.  It's super easy!  I hang dry them overnight and the diapers get completely dry.  The liners take a little longer, but if you want, the whole thing can go in the dryer on low.

    I have a great store where I live with lots of different CD options and I think Fuzzi Bunz are the best.  They are a little pricey, but they make the one size ones which can go from newborn-potty trained.

    The only thing I don't like about cloth diapers is the big poufy butt!  I am used to it now, but my son is super thin, so it has looked very out of proportion until recently.  Otherwise, they are super easy, adorable, and I feel good about using them.  good luck!

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  • We cloth diaper!  We didn't switch until DS was 12 months old though so I need to build a newborn stash.

    I did the Jillian's Drawers trial (only $10 for 3 weeks!) and found that I prefer pockets so that's all we have.  Fuzzibunz one size are my favorites, but we also have a BumGenius 4.0, a Green Acres Designs and an Ecobumz (don't love this one).

    I'm thinking we're going to go with fitteds and covers for the newborn stage, but we'll do a newborn trial from Jillian's again before deciding.

    We use a planet wise wet bag in our old diaper pail (it turns into a regular garbage can).  Right now we wash every other day, but when #2 arrives we'll have to wash every day or it will be too much for one load.


  • I am CDing for sure. I have already bought some prefolds and covers for the new born stage and now I am researching pockets for the later stages. I have a few brands that I am looking at, but I don't know for sure yet. It's extra hard for me because I have to buy them in December when I am in the US, otherwise I will be paying almost double here in Europe. Everything is so much more expensive. Ahhh, I hate it!
  • We are strongly considering CDing.  I just need to get my husband fully on board.  He's scared of the poop, LOL!  I think we'll probably go with the Jillian's Drawers trial as well and then decide what we like from there.  I thought about registering for some but then what if I hate them.  We'll see, but I was thinking fitteds with covers for newborn and all in one pockets for the gowth stages.  There is a great 7 part series on You Tube about CDing.  I found it chuck full of information!  (sorry can't link)

  • We also plan on CDing for sure. We plan on using prefolds and covers mostly for the newborn stage along with a few other types, mostly just to get a feeling for what we really like and all that. From what I've read, most moms use mostly one type, along with other types for different situations. Like AIO's are nice to keep in the diaper bag when your out and about, or when you have a baby sitter. 

    We plan on getting a trial from Jillians Drawers when it comes time that way we are able to make a decision on what we want to use for the next stage. 

  • We'll be using them.  I have a friend who has cloth diapered all her kids (she'd pg with #4) and I liked what she had to say about them.  Right now my plan is to start with pre-folds and make some covers.  I'll probably try a few kinds after the newborn stage to see what I like best. 

    Surprisingly the person I have to convince the most about using them is my Dad, who will be watching baby sometimes while I work.  My parents CDed me, but that was back when you used pins.  Apperently he refused to cd with my sister because he's stuck me so many times.  I think when I show him there are plenty out there with no pins he'll be more than willing to do it. 

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  • Can someone explain what a "pocket diaper" is and the inserts to me?

    I always thought I would be adamantly against cloth diapering, but I've been checking out the websites lately and it seems so simple.

  • We are CDing definitely this time. Using unbleached prefolds, snappies, disposable liners, and thirsteez covers for the most part. The sprayer for poop is a big deal, you'll need to start spraying poop once you introduce anything other than breast milk to baby. Also, no diaper creams, they can ruin your diapers. Use lanolin (just like for your cracked nips) instead.
  • We cloth diaper!  We didn't switch until DD was 12 months old though so I will have to build a newborn stash--right now we have one size, and they'll be too big.

    I did a diaper trial, and it took us a few to find ones that would fit DD just right.  Right now I have Rumparooz and GroVia AIO's.  I started out with just AIO's (all in one' stuffing, everything is one piece) but have found that pockets are no biggie, I don't mind the stuffing.  ;)

    I will def. do another diaper trial for the new baby, just to see what works best for us--it's a great non-committal way to test out what you like/don't like.

    We use a planet wise wet bag in a regular garbage can.  Poop goes in the toilet and then diapers in the pail, wet ones just go right in.  Right now we wash every other day.  Not sure if I'll have to wash more frequently with two or not, but it's really not bad.

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  • I am not. For the only reasons that I am lazy and the thought of rinsing out poop diapers every time before they. Go into the washing machine just grosses me out. I am quite happy with wrapping my disposable poop diapers up and tossing them right in the trash.
  • I was planning on using cloth before I found out I was having twins, but now?  Nope.  Anything that will make my life easier like disposable diapers, I will embrace.
  • We won't be, only because LO will have to start daycare at about 8 weeks old and most places I've looked into in our area don't do cloth diapers. I think it'd be pointless to do it for 8 weeks, then switch.
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  • i am for sure! mainly for the reason of saving money, but I've also tried to eliminate most disposable things from my life for sake of the environment. i feel so vain saying this, but the only thing I'm not looking forward to about cd is the big butt Embarrassed
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  • I would do it in a heartbeat for both babies, but my DH is not on board. 

    Anything that involves poo being washed in our machine is a no-go for him.  Even though I've told him I've had to wash several items of baby clothing after blowouts, it's still not the same for him.

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  • We're definitely doing 'em...the only time we might use disposables is when traveling, and then only if it's somewhere we can't do laundry(i.e. cloth is still fine when visiting family).  My mom CD'd me and my three siblings, and when DH and I found out there are CDs available without pins now, we were even more sold on the idea(when siblings were little, I helped change diapers--but only when they wore disposables, since I was still under 8 when the youngest was born and not to be trusted with pins).

    Since I'm also planning on BFing, the smell and cleanup really shouldn't be an issue...from what I've heard and read, you don't even have to pre-rinse as long as all baby's eating is BM, and the smell's not bad, either.

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  • We currently plan on using cloth diapers. DH will be the one staying home during the day and he thinks he can handle it. We do have our own washer/dryer.

    The cost savings is the biggest appeal, although we also try to be earth-friendly.

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  • I love my cloth!!!

    I use a mix of cloth and disposables. I never found a cloth diaper combo that worked for us at night, so we use disposables then and cloth the rest of the day.

    I think it's just as easy as disposables, but you have to wash them. I personally love doing diaper laundry, so fun to fold and hang out on the line because they are so cute!!! The rinsing of the poo is not so fun! But worth it because we save so much money!!

    For newborn-7ish months I really liked Goodmama fitteds and BSRB fitteds (can buy on hyena cart) with a cover. Thirsties covers were what I used the most of.

    Now, I like AIO or pocket diapers. I really prefer Blueberry diapers, but they are pretty pricey-so I only buy when they are on sale. I also love Fuzzibuns, they are nice and the OS ones fit great! 

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  • thanks everone for your responses i am very excited about the possibilities of cd i jsut gotta get dh on board with it we have mentioned breifly but not fully. we have been purchasing disposables every other week when we get paid a large box and wipes trying to stock up but its so pricey and i like the thought of being able to invest most of our money only once with kids we want to have a med-large family nothing like the duggars 4 kids max 6 lol but im trying to keep future expeces in mind as well as current.. for one child they seem to be a big money saver in the long run. a few people mentioned some site where you like rent them for 3 weeks for trial runs i like that idea im only bummed because i wanted to be able to register whatever i do need and get it all in place before baby arrives but it does seem like a wonderful option.. where do you buy your cloth diapers at the ones i see mentioned on here arent ones from walmart or target and we arent near any big stores were lucky to have a montherhood an hour away from us.
  • imagekewltif:

    Can someone explain what a "pocket diaper" is and the inserts to me?

    I always thought I would be adamantly against cloth diapering, but I've been checking out the websites lately and it seems so simple.

    Here is a good explanation of all of the different types. I hope it helps.

  • DH thinks it's a good idea, but I don't think so.  I feel like we are going to be dealing with enough poop already.  I don't want the extra burden of rinsing and washing diapers.  The convenience factor for disposable is just too big.

    I also used to babysit for a 2 year-old kid who wore cloth diapers.  I remember his mom showing me how to rinse them and where to store them in the laundry room.  It skeeved me out - his poops were as big as mine!  Granted, I was only about 15, but my sensibilities really haven't changed. 

    But I did get a good suggestion for if you do decided to CD-
    A friend of mine asked her mommy friends to bring one cloth diaper to her shower.  She got about 6 or 7 of all different kinds, so she could check them out before she bought a bunch of any one of them.  Besides 6 or 7 is a pretty good set to start with! 

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