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does anyone have a cyst?

at my 1st ultasound they found a cyst on one of my ovaries. They said it was nothing to worry about that it was normal and would go away.  For the last few days I've had really sharp pains on one side(with the cyst) they come and go, but are causing me to worry.  I don't go back to the Dr until 11/11 for my 12 week appt. so I'm torn with calling them to get in earlier or to wait it out.  I'm not sure if its pain from the cyst or just sharp growing pains from the baby...

For those with cysts, was there ever pain? when did they go away?  Would you call or wait the 9 days?

Re: does anyone have a cyst?

  • I had a very large cyst on my right ovary at my first appointment.  It was about the size of a softball, but it went down in size by my next appointment and then at my appointment on Friday, it was gone.  I did get a dull aching feeling sometimes, but it wasn't horrible.  Try not to worry, I'm sure things will be fine and it will go away on its own, but if it makes you feel better, make a call to your doctor's office and see what they say. Good Luck!
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  • I've had a cyst with each pregnancy.  The first I didn't know I had until it burst, so I couldn't tell you how big it actually was or whether I had any symptoms.  When it burst it was an unmistakable pain, though, and had me doubled over.  It did not come and go.  I have another this time, and I feel more pressure on that side, but not pain.  They did say it could have attributed to my early back pain. 

    It's probably something that can wait until your next appt, but if you are nervous or feeling uncomfortable there's no harm in calling.  And if you decide not to, and you end up doubled over, make sure you call.  When a cyst bursts it can cause damage to your ovary, and they'll want to check to make sure everything is okay.

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  • I have one, I think it's almost an inch in size? My doctor said I might feel pain if it ruptured, maybe that's what's going on with you? I would bring it up at your appointment if you can wait. If it's really bad then maybe they'll have you come in to check it out. Hope you feel better!
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  • The reason I took a pg test was becuase one night I ended up in the fetal position on the floor unable to move because I was in so much pain. I didn't have any spotting but the pain continued for a couple of weeks and they got me in for an ultrasound at 5 wks because they thought my pg might be eptopic. It turned out the baby was fine and I had an ovarian cyst.The Dr. said to take Tylenol for the pain and the cyst would go away on its own. I didn't have much severe pain after the u/t and just knowing the baby was ok made it more bearable. They couldn't see the cyst on my 12 wk ultrasound. I am occasionally having sharp pains on one side, but I think it is RLP or my uterus expanding. It is definitely a different type of pain. The cyst was more of a cramping type of pain to me. You should call the Dr. It can't hurt to call and talk to them and they will get you in if they think it is serious.

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