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Doc in Boulder area?

I just found that I'm pregnant and I need a new doctor. Mine is just too far away now. I'm looking for one in Boulder that can deliver at Boulder Community Hospital. Any suggestions? 

Re: Doc in Boulder area?

  • I delivered at BCH - Foothills.  My OB was Boulder Women's Care.  I LOVED them and the hospital.  You see all the doctor' in the practice during your pregnancy so they are all familiar with you when you deliver. 

    The hospital was great too.  My son was born with an infection and so was in Special Care Nursery for a week.  Everyone was great.  And Special Care allows you to be right with the baby, in an adjoining room.   And if you are 'released" before your baby, you get to stay in the room so you don't have to leave your baby alone over night.  My husband and I highly recommend the doctors and BCH.

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