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How old was dc when you stopped cutting up foods like

Re: How old was dc when you stopped cutting up foods like

  • close to 3. They are two of the most choked on foods - and i'm a freak about choking hazards... a friend of mine died at age 14 from choking .... so to me, it ain't no joke.

    even now when Griffin is eating them i really watch him close - make sure he doesn't jump up to play, put more than 1 grape in his mouth at a time, etc.


  • I don't really remember. I still cut up hotdogs if we're at home but not if she's eating one while we're out.

    I haven't cut up grapes in a long time.

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  • i still do. grapes, not 100% of the time, but she literally bites in half when she eats them. or i then cut them up.
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  • I still do..grapes & hot dogs.
  • We don't really eat hotdots, but I rarely cut up grapes (except for right now, because my DH bought grapes with seeds). She has such a specific method for eating grapes - biting them with her front teeth first - that I'm really not too worried. I do watch her when she eats and she's always sitting down.
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  • I still cut both.

  • I still cut up hotdogs but not grapes.  I do make sure to watch her carefully when she eats them.  Like some of the other PPs mentioned, she has a method and always bites them with her front teeth before she actually eats them.
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  • DD doesn't like hot dogs, but I still cut grapes in half for her most of the time. If they're smaller, I might skip it, but bigger grapes I always cut in half. I'm pretty sure at preschool they get whole grapes, which surprises me considering there are some younger 2 y.o. in her class.
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  • I still cut hot dogs length wise but not grapes.  I feel like I am always saying, "chew that really carefully" and watching them though.  Huh?

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  • My girls are 2 1/2 and 4 now and we still cut hotdogs for both most of the time - I just slice it once down the middle the long way.  Grapes, I stopped cutting them this summer but they can only eat them when we are all sitting down together and they know the rule that only 1 can be eaten at a time.  If they are really big, I will still cut them up though.
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  • hmmmm.  DS will be 4 in January, and I dont remember the last time i cut up grapes...maybe a year ago?  He usually asks me now if he wants his food cut up because it is too big.  Sometimes he likes to eat a hotdog in the bun now, and other times he will still ask for it to be cut up.  I dont cut it up as small as I once did tho.
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