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What toys was your 6-9 month old into?

I'm thinking ahead to Christmas gifts. We already have a jumperoo that I'm hoping he'll grow into by then. What other toys did your 6-9 month LO enjoy? I don't want to get a ton of things, but maybe 1-2 toys that he'll get a lot of use out of (and maybe something we can put on his wish list for the grandparents). Thanks!

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Re: What toys was your 6-9 month old into?

  • We alot of "mileage" out of this toy:


    And in general, it is a great time to start more fine motor play with blocks in a container or a stacking ring.

    I will take suggestions for the 12-18 month old toys!

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  • My niece LOVED this toy when she was that age. We've already been given 2!
  • Plastic cups.  LOL.
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  • FYI..both my kids were pretty much over their jumperoo by 6-7mos. They both started using them 4-5 months - whenever they could sit up and had good head control.

    Well our 1st favorite is a LeapFrog rid on school bus. We got it for DD for her 1st xmas when she was 6mos (She still plays with it today) and DS loves it just as much. In the early days there are lots of buttons that plays alphabets and songs, etc. But it also has a bar on th eback that they use to try to pull themselves up on and it helps them to walk also until they get the the age when they can ride on it

    Fisher pRice - Learning Puppy is also a fvorite - learn colors, music and body parts. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2265219

    This house is a big hti with both kids as well...http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2265260

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  • DS loves the house that pp mentioned, Fisher Price laugh and learn. A friend got it for us at a yard sale for $15, in perfect condition. He started liking it as soon as he could crawl and still loves it. We had a 3 and 4 year old here the other day and it kept them entertained for a while too!

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  • At 8 months Molly still likes her jumperoo and exersaucer.  She's really in to blocks right now too, and basically anything that lights up and makes noise!
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  • That Learn and Groove table we have continues to be a huge hit. Our friend's 8 mo old has this little walker and both she and C love it!
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  • DD got the playskool walk and ride toy last year for Xmas and loved it! Also, the ball popper has been a huge hit too.
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  • At 6 months DD still loved her Exersaucer and jumper and really started loving her Fisher Price Piano (similar to one of the activity tables).  We got the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Door/House a few months later, but I know she would have loved it earlier too.  At 9 months we bought her the Ball Popper and she still plays with it a year later.  It's been a huge hit.  Se loves all balls actually.  She also really liked her toy phone (still does) although she often wants to play with mine instead.  Anything that does something when she encounters it was usually a hit.   
  • Oh! Babycheapskate  just posted this article!
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  • J really liked the Learn n' Groove, and it was nice that it grew with him (they can use it sitting or standing).
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  • image slukd79:

    I will take suggestions for the 12-18 month old toys!

    FWIW, on Sprout's birthday list, I'm going to put a wagon. Specifically the Radio Flyer one with fold down seats. Not exactly a "toy" but the kids in the 'hood that have one, seem to love it for walks and when we've gone apple picking, the kids seem to love it then too.

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