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winter coats

This chillier weather has me realizing that DS needs a winter coat! Has anybody gotten one recently or in past years that they really liked? He's in 12 month sizes right now. I'm not sure whether to go with something at a Target type place or whether to invest in a LLBean type deal.

 Thanks ladies! 


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Re: winter coats

  • I found a great deal on a carters coat at was an 80 dollar coat that I got for 17 bucks...i think they had some great ones at costco too, at least the last time I was there....


    i hate wearing coats, i have to remember to put one on ds.....


    did you ever figure out yoru monitor issue??? :-) 

  • I found DD's Oshkosh one at a consignment shop for $10.  It was in perfect condition. Costco does have some nice ones too.
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  • My favorite coat for DD came from Target.  We washed it over and over and it held up really well.  She wore it for an entire season and we were able to pass it on to another family member for another season.
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  • I got a great deal last year at kohl's for a coat/snow pants combo. bought it a size too big and he can still wear it (for now). if i remember correctly i found it online, so didn't even have to deal with going to the store.
  • I bought DD the 3-in-1 jacket from Target (and the matching snow pants) and also a dressier wool coat from Old Navy.
  • image tobeaTodd:
    I bought DD the 3-in-1 jacket from Target (and the matching snow pants)

    This is what we did last year.  I have to try them on DS to see if they still fit this year or not.  


  • I bought DD a coat from Lands End in the Overstocks section.  I think I paid $18.  The coat has some pretty thoughtful details like arms that lengthen if you snip the ribbon so they won't outgrow it in a season. 
  • Last year DS had a 3-in-1 coat from The Children's Place, and I loved it so much I bought him a new one this year. They were running a 30% off winter-gear special a few weeks ago, and I had a 20% off coupon, so I got a great deal on it.

    I love it because especially this time of year, and in the earlier part of the spring, it's really cold in the morning, but warms up by the afternoon. So he can wear the heavy coat when we leave in the am, and then when they go outside at daycare in the afternoon, he can wear the fleece insert on its own. 

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