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Anyone opt for the CVS over amnio?

DH and I aren't actively TTC yet (we will wait a few more months), but for my last pregnancy we ended up doing an amnio.  Well, we did 2 amnios because the first one the sample was ruined - yes, I was PISSED.  So, we tried another one a few weeks later (I was 18 weeks) and that one was ok (and the baby was too!).  I'm not sure I want to wait that long the next time around.  I am 36 now, so hopefully 37 when we get pg again, and I'd like to know right away if things are ok (because I am "AMA") instead of going out of my mind with worry for an extra 1 or 2 months.  Did the CVS hurt?  Anything else you can tell me about it would be great.  Thanks!
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Re: Anyone opt for the CVS over amnio?

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    I chose CVS over Amnio - simply because I wanted the information earlier.  Depending on the issue (for ex Tri 18), we would have terminated the pregnancy but I know that is not the reason many people chose CVS.  Really, I needed the reassurance that it was a genetically healthy baby ASAP.

    Did it hurt?  Yes - probably because mine was transvaginal and not through my abdomen (MFM's preference was TV).  I have a titled uterus though so that was probably most of the issue - anything that has to go TV hurts like h&ll for me.  Probably also because I was anxious about the test so everything was tense.

    It was super fast though and my MFM was a doll - called me later that night to see how I was feeling.  I had the FISH results in two days and the full results within a week.

    Good luck with your decision.

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    I opted for a CVS after very scary NT scan results (1/3 for Downs, and I had just turned 35!) simly because it could be done immediately.  It hurt, but was over quickly.  Then I basically sat around for 48 hours and took Tylenol...  wasn't too bad physically, just horrible emotionally.  Thankfully 24 hours later we got positive FISH results and that put our minds at ease.
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    I chose the CVS because I didn't want to wait until I was far enough along for amnio...but ended up having to have the amnio too.  we did the CVS  and yes, like the other posters was kind of painful (and I did have mine through the tummy).  During the first attempt...(yes I had to have TWO sticks) the Dr. did not obtain a big enough sample...finally during the second attempt he got what he needed.  

    Well the fish results came back fine.  I thought that was the end of it, but then the geneticist called and told me that the overall results came back "inconclusive" as there was mosaicism.  So that meant...that if I wanted to know anything definitive...I had to go ahead and have the amnio too.  

    Well I had that on Monday...and here I sit waiting...the really messed up part about all of this is that I did all the other hopes of not having to lose my mind waiting and waiting and waiting...and here I end up doing all that anyway...

    I wanted to know early so that I could relax a little...Some people say that I should not worry about it at all, but I've had a horrible I guess I'm a little traumatized so to speak...I just needed some reassurance...oh well 

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    Another CVS over amnio here, for earlier results (I have a genetic disorder). It was a little painful (even through the abdominal wall), but worth it to get the results so much earlier. Results took 3 days to get the preliminary report and then about another week to get the finalized report.

    Agree w/ PP that CVS can be inconclusive, esp. b/c of a lack of a big enough sample size or a finding of mosaicism. Also maternal cell contamination can screw it up. 

    You should be able to do it at 11 weeks (the earliest), but I, like one of the PPs, have a tilted uterus, so I had to wait an additional week, 12w0d. 

    However, if it works, out, one bonus--you get to know the sex of the baby REALLY early, if you choose to find out. 

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    CVS over Amnio because after I did all the genetic testing, I had more of a risk for a M/C from the Amnio than anything since everything else came back so great. I am 35.
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