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QOTD: Names

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 QOTD: How did you pick out names?

Both DH and I were super close to our grandmother's, who are no longer with us.  So when we learned that we were having two girls, it was a no brainer.  Their middle names are our mother's names, but the names are mixed up.  We have Margaret Yvonne (my grandma, and DH's mom) and Nanette Angela (DH's grandma, and my mom)

We didn't assign names until they were born, hoping that we would be able to decide which name would suit who.  But in the end we just guessed.  So far though, Margaret (Maggie), takes after me, and Nanette (Nanny), is taking after DH, and that was his grandma's name.  Funny how things work out like that.





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Re: QOTD: Names

  • I have already assigned names not sure how I already have that figured out though.  Baby A is Tucker (my grandfather's middle name) and Baby B is Duncan (my maiden name).  We still have to decide on middle names.  Since my husband is Vietnamese all of our children will have vietnamese middle names. 
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  • DH and I are Jewish so its tradition to name your children after deceased family members.  Its really important to me to have names with some meaning.  My grandfather passed away in May, and I was close with him so I wanted to honor him.  The only name beginning with an L (his name was Lionel) that we both agreed on was Lily... then I wanted an S middle name to honor my great grandmother Sarah, so we chose Sophia.  So one is going to be Lily Sophia, and the other is Hannah Elise.  DH loves the name Hannah, and likes that it is a palindrome (corny I know).  Elise is after DHs grandmother Eleanor.  We were going to use Violet for a middle name after my grandmother, but DH really wanted to use the name Elise, so I agreed since Lily's names are after my family.  

    We have kinda decided that baby B is Hannah since she is more chill and laid back and she doesn't kick like crazy when I lay on my right side (Hannah means gracious)... and then Lily is Baby A because always moving and being a diva (being stubborn at u/s and stuff).  We just want to make sure they kinda look like the names before we officially assign them.

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  • My husband is a Jr., so right from the beginning he told me that if we were to have a son, he would want him to be named Anthony Russell III. How could I say no to that, plus I love the name anyway. For my daughter's name, I have always love Sophia and my husband just happened to like it as well. Her middle name will be Joy which is my middle name and my mom's middle name.
  • we couldn't agree on anything.  DH is from Ireland, and we like Irish names, but not the same ones this time.     We were set if we had boys - they would've been named after their grandfathers.   But when we found out we were having 2 more girls we were screwed in the name department.    The first name was picked after a brainstorming session where DH and my sister polished off a bottle of wine.   Every name was nixed until the end of the night, he said, "what about Hannah?"  I said, "I love Hannah, how about Hannah Grace?"  And Baby A had a name.   It took weeks more before Baby B got a name.   I was reading a book where the main character was Juliet, and the name just grew on me.   I suggested it to DH, who always liked Julie as a choice, so we went with it.    The middle name took longer. We went through the Irish names list again, and chose Roisin (pronounced rosheen)  

  • first names, we just picked things that we liked after many long discussions (I was a teacher for a long time so I had a lot of negative associations with names...)

    for middle names, I didn't want to do family names as my family is split and I didn't want any issues over who they were named after. One day I saw a list of literary names and asked DH if we could name the babies after my favorite authors (I taught English and I'm a total bookworm). He loved the idea and their middle names were born :) 

  • I've always liked the name Lydia. I get the tatooed lady jokes all the time, but I'm a child of the 80s/90s so of course I got it from Beetlejuice. Big Smile

    That was the first name we could agree on. We're going with Lydia Marie because Marie is my sister's middle name.

    As for the second name, well that was much harder. We went back and forth for weeks on that one. A few weeks ago, a coworker just blurted out "what about Abby?" and I had completely forgotten that I used to love the name. I didn't expect DH to go for it because we were having so much trouble agreeing, but he liked it! I actually suggested Abigail and his first response was "can we call her Abby?" so that pretty much settled it.

    So the second name is Abigail Margaret, as Margaret is my mother's middle name.

    If we had boys, we were 95% sure we were going to use Henry James and Charles David. Both middle names were our fathers' names.

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  • Mary Elise - Mary is my great-grandmother and my favorite aunt who passed away a few years ago, and Elise is my SIL

    Grace Katherine - Grace is my sister's middle name and Katherine is the name of several family members, as well as my mom's birth name (it got changed when she was adopted).

    Samuel Robert (our oldest) - We've just always loved the name Sam, and Robert is in honor of my deceased grandfather.

    Hugh Charles (our 2nd) - We loved the meaning of the name Hugh, and Charles is in honor of my husband's deceased uncle.

    ~Crystal~ SAHM to Sam (5), Hugh (3), Mary & Grace (22 months) : )
  • We have our names picked out for ages.  We knew we eventually wanted to have two kids and that we wouldn't want to find out the genders ahead of time, so we picked out two boys names and two girls names.  Lucky for us that we did. 

    Girl's names:

    Elissa Kathryn.  Elissa is after my best friend who passed away when we were 7.  Kathryn is my SIL and DH's grandmother's name.

    Adrea Christine. Adrea is a spin off of my Mom's name, Andrea.  She didn't like her name growing up and goes by Andy, but we wanted to honor her.  Christine is my MIL's middle name.

    Boy's names were harder.  We have very little to do with DH's father and a year after we were married, we changed our last name.  DH is Swedish and one of their traditions is to take the father's name and add son at the end for last names.  We chose to use my dad's name with the Swedish tradition.  All of our children will be named partly after my father.  In the end, we just decided to chose names that we both liked.  I am Irish, so we went with Irish first names.  Connor Grey and Ian Sebastian were what we eventually decided on.

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  • Hubby picked out BOTH names...their middle names are after their grandfathers and their fathers...etc..Not sure how I let him get away with picking both...his choice for Cannon, "Sounds like a strong name, like he's got a cannon for an arm."  (Can you tell my hubby is addicted to sports?)

    He's already planning their baseball team with the boy's 4 month old cousin.  YIKES


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  • Our boys are named Lucas and Callum. We call them Luke and Cal.

    Luke was one of the first names that came up when we knew we were pregnant. I can't remember which one of us brought it up, but we joked about the star wars thing. ("Luke, I am your father.") I at the time liked the idea of Luke and Sam.

    I came across Callum online, though (nameberry, I think), and really just fell in love with it. I lovelovelove the nickname Cal. Both Callum and Cal sound great with our last name, too, as do both Luke and Lucas.

    It took a little work to talk H into Callum, but he went for it in the end, and now I can't imagine either one of them named anything else.

    Their middle names are our middle names: My maiden name, and my H's middle name which is his grandma's maiden name. 

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  • We were firm on Margo and Mallory.  and we saw the girls ..... (took a while before someone wheeled me to NICU)....

    After we saw them.... we ended up with a Kate (Katherine) and Lauren. 

    The RN who took care of me in PTL...was a Katie.  She was so wonderful and kept my girls on the inside for 2 weeks.... as cheesy as I sounds, I named Kate after her.

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  • What a great question Stick out tongue

    We picked their first names by each making a list of ten boy names and 10 girl names that we liked.  C put them into a spreadsheet (dorky, I know) and we went and picked out our top 5 for each, and then we compared.  We ended up both liking Everett and Madeleine - it was a much easier process than I thought it would be.

    Their middle names were important to me - when we found out that baby A was a boy, I told C that his middle name would be Walter, after my dad, who unexpectedly passed away January 2009 after routine heart surgery (he was only 65 and my hero - it literally breaks my heart that he isn't around to see them).

    For Madeleine's middle name, we decided to use a name that came from C's side, so we chose Claire - it was his grandma and great grandma's middle names.

  • Our first DD is Isabel Kathryn. One evening I was going through the baby name book throwing out random names and I said Isabel. I wasn't actually considering it, but DH really liked it, eventually it grew on me and stuck with her. I tried talking DH into naming her Abigail up until she was born but he wouldn't go for it. Kathryn is after my Grandma who passed away in 2001.

    With the twins we knew if we had any girls one would be Lilian (Lily), after DH's grandma who passed away before we met. Her name was Emily but everyone called her Lily. Annalise was just a middle name that we could agree on. We wanted something pretty and a little different.

    Boy names were really hard for us. Before we even got pregnant I said I liked the name Max, but DH was never sold on it. He liked Jack. I liked Jack as well (it was my Grandpa's name), but we had a really obnoxious neighbor named Jack so I just felt weird naming my son that. Eventually, DH came around to Max, we wanted him to have a more business friendly name, incase he ever wanted to be a professional. So we settled on Maxwell (Max). His middle name, Henderson, is my maiden name.

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  • We didn't want matchy names, and we are not into naming after someone, so we just picked names we liked.

    Xander Dominic: we both liked Xander a lot...I first fell in love with it back in the Buffy days. Dominic I have always loved, DH not as much but he let me win.

    Hayden Cheyenne: I found Hayden in a baby book and threw it out for a boy or girl, DH only liked it for a girl. Her mn was set to be something else but we started watching a lot of Reba reruns and fell in love with Cheyenne.

    Lily Isabella: I have been a fan of Lily since I saw the movie Legend as a kid, and I always thought Isabella was beautiful. DH was OK with both names, not in love but liked them enough to let me have my way :)

     Baby #4 will be Jericho Miles. Jericho I first heard in the 80's movie Action Jackson. DH first heard it about a year ago on an Animal Planet TV show. He told me he really liked it and I told him I have liked it for years so we decided then if we have another boy that would be his name. Miles DH threw out for a mn, I really liked it so I agreed.

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  • Our oldest is Isla Paige.  I had wanted to name her Saffron ( kind of a play between it being the most expensive spice and how much we spent on IVF) but DH said it sounded like a stripper name.  I liked Paige for most of my pregnancy and would have used that as a first name.  I came up it Isla one day at work and decided that it flowed will with Paige.


    Our twins will be Eden Bryar and Olivia Beth.

    Eden, I came up with her name the day of our FET.  I love the nn Edie and Bryar ( it says in my name book) is spelled like DH Bryan but means heather in French ( my name).

    Olivia, who I wanted to name Ceceliy, DH decided that we should have all vowel names and picked Olivia.  Beth is after my sister.

  • Oldest DD is Camille Elizabeth - Camille was my great grandfather's name and Elizabeth just went well with it.

     Sawyer David - We just liked Sawyer and David was DH's grandfather's name

    Noelle Renee - Noelle was the only girl name we could agree on and Renee is my middle name.

  • I was actually surprised how easy it was for DH and I to agree on names. We really only talked about it once and it took less than an hour.

    Jonathan Pietro: Jonathan's first name is after my dad, John. His middle name, Pietro, is my DH's dad's name.

    Alaina Noelle: Alaina is a name that DH and I both ended up loving. Her middle name, Noelle, is after DH's grandma.



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  • DS1 is named after DH.  Our twins are named after our grandfathers.  DH's grandfather's last wish was to make it to DH's 2nd b-day (I think he had lung cancer) and made it by just a week or two.  My grandfather and I were very close, most little girls want to marry their dads, dance on their fathers feet, I did all of those things with my grandfather. 
  • I had always like the name Caitlin, but was worried that it was too popular and that there were too many variations on the spelling so was leaning towards some other names. DH didn't agree with any of my boy name choices, but we finally settled on Colin. I should probably not admit this, but Lisa Simpson gets a crush on a Colin, a young Irish boy, and I started liking the name after seeing that, but I think it was DH who suggested it.  Once we settled on Colin then DH put Caitlin as the front runner.  I don't think I was for sure on it, even bought the wall letters and thought about returning them for letters to spell out Callie..but went into labor that night.

    The middle names are after DH and after my mother.  I figured those were the two most important people in my life at the time, until my children were born. 

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  • I'm lame with my girl's names....

    I was reading a gossip magazine and read that Terri Hatcher's daughter was named Emerson and I fell in love with the name immediately.  Thus my oldest little lady is named Emerson.

    Last year I was watching a football game and we had a new QB.  His name is Landry.  Again, it was a name that I fell in love with.  So, when we found out one of the twins was a girl...Landry it was.

    For our little man, we loved the names Harrison and Hudson but, Hudson won out because we didn't like Harry as a NN.




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  • Names for the twins was HARD for us!

    Our list was sooo long and we (mostly I :) kept adding even more names but couldn't agree on some we really loved. When we found one name we both liked we couldn't come up with a name just as perfect as the first one and when we had two equally beautiful names we weren't sure about if they fit us and don't even as about the middle name debate. It was hard!

    We went to the hospital with our final 5 (Eliza, Corinne, Aven, Neela, Keira), and we chose Aven and Neela but changed Neela last minute to Nella I actually don't know why. DH just said " Why Neela and not Nella? It sounds much better and we could call her Nellie." I agreed, wondering why I haven't thought of that xD.

    So our girls are Nella Robin and Aven Pearl. Not everyone's style but for us the names are just perfect =)

    With DD1 it took us about 10 minutes to name her. We were team green and decided, that if it would be a girl, she would be named after our grandmothers Teagan (DH)  and Theresa. I always liked Morgan but I knew she would be a Teagan =)

  • DH and I had a very short list of potential names for our girls.  The critera were:

    1.  Classic, but not old-fashioned

    2.  They had to be names that nobody in our families were using. 

    3.  The middle names had to be our mothers names.

    4.  The names had to be gender specific.

    Both of us had the name Katherine in our heads from when we were each in high school, so that one was automatically on the list.  We had some trouble with the second name and discussed Natalie, Elspeth and Alyce.  We ultimately chose Natalie, but DH wanted one of the names to be Eastern European or Russian in spelling, so it became Natalia.  After a few weeks, though, DH decided he didn't want to saddle our daughter with a name she'd have to spell for people for the rest of her life, so we changed it back to Natalie. 

    The names ended up being Katherine Nancy and Natalie Christine. 

    They were named in the order that they were delivered, so Katie was born first and Nattie was born second. 

    If they were boys, they would have been William James (Liam) and Malcolm Richard (Colm). 



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  • Well, Elena and Lucas were names that I loved for a long time and they transitioned well between our families (Russian, Spanish, French, and Indian) so it worked plus Nate loved them too. Nate picked Lucas' middle name (Matthew) and his other MN is after Nate (James). One of Elena's MN is Nate's greatgma (Rosalie) and her other MN (Anya) is to honour my gma (Ana), MIL (Grace), and my Russian side.

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