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Isabella Oliver Maternity Order - UPDATE! (long)

I posted on here like a week ago about my first maternity clothing order to Isabella Oliver and promised an update - so here goes!

Being a second time mom with a job where appearance/clothing on the job are definitely of importance, I decided that this pregnancy that I would invest more in some good pieces for work so that I look put together and professional. Thanks to one of the posters on here (nycteach I think) guided me toward Isabella Oliver (online maternity clothes site). I must have spent hours pouring over the items deciding what to order.

I ended up ordering the Tailored Trouser, the 2-in-1 Billow Top and the Pencil Skirt. Overall I'm very happy with the quality, especially considering the price vs. Pea in the Pod.

2 in 1 Billow TopTailored Trouser PantPencil Skirt

The trousers were $159 and I can imagine wearing them 2x per week from now until well after the baby comes, about 2-3 bucks per wear (I'm one of those people who looks pregnant for about 3 months after the baby - so maternity clothes don't go away for a WHILE in my world). They are PERFECT for work. The panel is made of the softest fabric and the construction is really nice. Yes, there are a couple of things that are not perfect about the pants, but really - they are things I can live with (I don't LOVE the belt loops - but they can be hidden by rolling down the panel and the pockets sort of show through, but I can fix that). I've tried so many maternity pants and honestly these are GREAT and comfortable.

 The other two items I am going to exchange for other things. The skirt is way too tight and even if I got my size I don't think it would be all that great. It doesn't have a panel, and I'm a panel kind of girl. And, the top just doesn't lay the way I'd like it to - quality fabric, comfy, just one of those items I'll fidget in all day - so it's going back.

I really wish they had a store b/c I would love to try on just about everything in their catalog!!!

 I'm still waiting on the Swing Cardi and my exchange items which will be the White Tie Front Blouse, the Midi Pencil Skirt and the Ruched Tank. I CAN'T WAIT to see them!!!

I'll post another update when those items arrive :)

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Re: Isabella Oliver Maternity Order - UPDATE! (long)

  • Thanks for the update!  I'm a SAHM now, but I worked throughout my pregnancy with DS (and went back for a while after DS was born) and always felt like such a slob.  I definitely feel your pain about looking put together while in maternity.  I felt like I looked so unprofessional the whole time I was pregnant.

  • imagerobbie3982:
    ...always felt like such a slob.  I definitely feel your pain about looking put together while in maternity.  I felt like I looked so unprofessional the whole time I was pregnant.

     YES - this is exactly why I'm investing in better maternity clothes. I looked like a complete slob last time, and this time I just can't roll like that. I guess when I bought clothes last time I was thinking I wouldn't wear them for long, but pregnancy has this funny way of seemiing to last forever, and I can't spend that much time not feeling good about the way I look!!

    Have any good preggo jeans to recommend?? I'm still trying to crack that nut...

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  • Yeah!  I'm so glad you like your stuff!  I just ordered one of their sweater dresses, which I know I'll wear a lot this winter.
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  • What's your style of choice?

    If you like skinny, I found these at Kohls and really like them:

    They're actually not maternity, but were misplaced in the maternity section and they have a waistband that's very similar to a maternity demi band so I tried them on anyway.  They're actually juniors, but they're sooo comfortable and they look much nicer than in the picture.  The best part is no saggy maternity butt!

    I also found a pair of skinny jeans with the secret belly fit that I really liked at Macy's (I think they were pea in the pod), but didn't end up buying them because I couldn't justify spending that much on jeans (though they were relatively cheap for pea in the pod jeans, maybe $70 or $80?) since I already have a bunch of maternity jeans and I really don't need to dress to impress this time around.

    I've read good things about habitual maternity jeans.  It seems a lot of celebs are into them:

    When I googled them a few weeks ago I saw they'd been on overstock a few months ago so I've been checking every day to see if they bring them back.

    Pea in the Pod seemed to have nice designer jeans online, but when I went to an actual store to try them on they didn't have any of the ones I'd been looking at online and I wasn't thrilled with the ones they did have.

    I have serious issues with maternity jeans.  I can't stop looking at them!  Every time DH sees me looking at them online he rolls his eyes.  LOL.


  • I'm 100% with you on this...last time it took me until the 3rd tri to realize that paying a little more and wearing the heck out of them was the way to go.  All of my Mimi and P&P clothes still look brand new...everything else?  Serious slop.  I fully plan on buying 1-2 awesome pants/jeans, and 3-4 great shirts and wearing them all the time.  I'd rather wear the same, good quality, awesome shirt multiple times than feel like a frump.
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  • I've been tempted to order from them as well. How long are the regular pants? I am 5' 10" and NONE of the maternity pants look good with boots. They make me look silly. This pregnancy I just planned to invest in a lot of dresses. I just bought a couple of really nice ones at Pea in the Pod, but I still need a few more pieces.
  • I am glad that your order turned out well!
  • For the PP who asked about length - I don't know the exact length, but they come in LONG, which I ordered b/c I'll wear them w/ heels (I'm 5'6 w/ long legs) - they are too long for flats for me.

    Also Paige premium maternity pants come super long, so I hear.

    Oh - and thanks to other PP for info on jeans. I think I'll check out the Kohl's jeans option - those sound cute for the weekend. Then, I think I might try ordering a pair of mat jeans online - I'm going to start w/ Paige skinnies, and see where that takes me :)

    NYC TEACH - let me know how the sweater dress works out. It looks really cute!

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  • Too bad about that skirt... love the below the knee style.  Hope the new one is good.

    Just wanted to mention Gap is doing their new Modern Boot Cut trouser in maternity.  I have the non-mat equivalent (in the charcoal) and like the quality, especially for the price.  I did not think the black looked/felt as good.  Hopefully the mat version is good. 

    Also, to those looking for Paige and other designer denim, I have seen their maternity lines on either RueLaLa, or Gilt, or both.  Just haven't seen them since I found out I was pg.  If you sign up, you'll get daily e-mail alerts.  I'm waiting.

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