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Hey lady!  I just wanted to thank you for your suggestion on my camera the other day.  I tried shooting pics in the P mode, adjusted the pic sizes so they're slightly smaller and the camera is working SO much better!  Much better pics and faster too.  I guess after reading more reviews a lot of people have trouble shooting in all Auto mode, something about the newer cameras trying to do too much and you end up missing the shot/getting blurs and such. 

Thanks for the tip!  :)



Re: ** StellaZ **

  • Yes My husband is a photographer - he knows I'm totally clueless and impatient so that was his suggestion to me for our little Nikon P5000.

    My other simple tip is to try and NOT use flash if you want a "nice" picture. Sometimes it's dark and you just want the shot - and that's okay - but if you want a nice clear shot you just have to have enough natural light...

    ...now trying to stop them from moving around is a whole other story! Stick out tongue

  • Lucky you!! I'm impatient too, I don't want to adjust anything, I just want it to magically work by itself.  Wink

    Thanks again!


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