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Thank god I didn't tell the kids (IL rant-long)

Last week SIL was supposed to come with us to Spooky Zoo (ToTing, activites, shows etc at the zoo) and the kids were really excited about going. H had a meeting for work and wouldn't be able to go. I get a FB message in the morning saying that SIL had "dreams about MIL" the night before and couldn't go. Thankfully, H also got a message saying his meeting was cancelled and we were able to take them, although they were asking for SIL. The trip was a mild disaster becasuse DD got freaked out from all the costumes (we didn't ToT last year), but she keeps asking for costumes so we were going to try again.

Again SIL says that she'll come with us (H has to work) and last night she tell me that she's not sure if she's going to go because other SIL is in the hosp.. Not that I don't sympathize or anything, but it was just so they could push antibiotics and she's being released this am. And she was with her all yesterday, but today she wants to be with her kids instead. And H suggested taking her kids, which I have NO problem with, but SIL thinks it would be "too much". So no zoo for the kids because I need another person there so they can participate in the activites. I don't think it would be fair to take them and not let them play with all the other kids.

 I don't get their weird family dynamic I guess. FIL and BIL live with the other SIL's family, so the kids are ALWAYS taken care of, but for some reason their father and grandfather are not allowed to take care of the girls (over seeing showers and such) who are 4 and 8, which I know is part of the  reason that SIL is going over there. In fact, they think its odd that I allow H to change DD's diaper. From what H says there was NEVER any funny stuff going on, so I don't get it at all.

I kind of feel like H's family doesn't treat our kids and SIL's kids the same. We're expected to be at all functions, but for our kids, their first birthday, FIL/MIL/GM left early to drive to NH to buy cigarettes and SIL decided to enter her daughter in a pagent at the last minute, so being the godmother, she wasn't there. Their second birthday FIL/GM left to go visit H's uncle, even though I specifically invited his family AND he said they would be there-obviously they weren't.

Sorry, H isn't here for me to rant too.

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