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Anyone opt for the CVS?

DH and I aren't actively TTC yet (we will wait a few more months), but for my last pregnancy we ended up doing an amnio.  Well, we did 2 amnios because the first one the sample was ruined - yes, I was PISSED.  So, we tried another one a few weeks later (I was 18 weeks).  I'm not sure I want to wait that long the next time around.  I like to know right away if things are ok instead of going out of my mind with worry for an extra 1 or 2 months.  Did the CVS hurt?  Just wondering.  Thanks!
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Re: Anyone opt for the CVS?

  • shoot ... the bump ate my reply.

    i had a cvs with DS, and if i'm lucky enough to get PG again, i will have another one. 

    they take a sample of the placenta in a cvs (not amnio fluid) ... so depending on where the placenta is, they can guide the needle thru the vagina/cervix ... otherwise, they go thru the abdominal area.  i had the transabdominal.  i'm not going to lie, it wasn't pleasant ... but i wouldn't exactly say painful either. also, it was over so quickly.

    most docs will do a cvs at 10-12 weeks (depending on where you live, you might be able to get it a little earlier or later.)  

    some studies say that there is a higher mc rate with cvs vs. amnio, but there are just as many that say mc rate is really dependent on the docs experience.  so a doc who does a lot of amnios and cvs will have a similar mc rate for both procedures, but a doc who does many more amnios - but not as many cvs - will likely have a lower mc rate with amnio since she does more of them ...

    anyway, i was 38 (DH was 47) when i got pg, so we were concerned about all kinds of issues ... having the results so early was totally worth the discomfort.

    good luck. 

  • When I am fortunate enough to be pregnant I will opt for the CVS because I don't want to wait for an amnio.

    Te research I've seen suggests that with a doctor experienced at doing the CVS the miscarriage rate is the same for both tests. 

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