NST testing today -- what to Expect?

Today is day one of many NST appts im going to have.  Lots of women ive talked to say theyre pretty boring and to take a good book.  Is this an appt where they have to be "tight lipped?" and i dont get any answers right then and there, i know theyre just monitoring the babies right? 

Side note, I woke up last night with a crampy feeling.  I still dont know if ive ever felt a contraction yet..heres a weird thing and maybe a little tmi but before a bowel movement i usually get tight and crampy and nausea but then feel better after (yes I feel lucky to still have regular bowels.) BUT last night, the feeling went away after the bowel but then came back a half hour later...kept me up for a bit then I feel asleep, im not really worried about it but does anyone else feel like that before a bowel?

Anywho, 3 doctors appts a week...gonna be fun...

Happy Friday ladies!   Enjoy the candy  Devil <--my costume

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Re: NST testing today -- what to Expect?

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    I had to go for NST 3xs a week for the last few weeks with my last pregnancy. They will monitor the babies heartbeats and your BP.  Expect to be there at least 20-30 mins but sometimes I was there a few hours.  Always EAT before you go, you never know how long you will be there and you don't want to lay there starving and bored.  Bring a book or something to do, and I usually brought my big pillow!
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