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If you have a nanny...

My husband and I are in the process of deciding whether or not I am going to go back to work.  If I go back, it will be part time and we will hire a nanny to watch Kate.

We are doing a cost benefit analysis on my take home pay at various part time hours (20, 25, or 30 hrs a week) and the cost of a part time nanny.

I am trying to get a ball park of the going rate here in the city.  We live in Rice Military if that makes any difference.

Would you mind letting me know what your hourly rate is as well as what all your nanny does  (simply childcare, light household work, etc)?

Thanks ladies!


Re: If you have a nanny...

  • I don't have a nanny but considered it and did some research. From what I found, there weren't a lot of part-time nannies available. Rates were $10-14 an hour but I was looking at full-time. Ultimately I went with daycare for 6 weeks before I decided to become a SAHM.
  • I'm no help, but have I told you lately how stinking cute Kate is?

    YOu might also want to ask on the Houston Nest board, since not everyone posts over here. 


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  • I live in the Heights and had a part time nanny for 3 years. I paid her $12/hr.
  • We have a full-time nanny and she has been with us for 2 years.  When she started we paid her $10/hour net and then we paid all the taxes on top of that.  Since then, we have given fairly decent yearly raises (~5%).  If you are hiring part-time, you probably do not need to worry about the tax implications.  So I would expect you would pay 10-12/hour total.  Our nanny obviously takes care of our daughter, runs errands, drives our daughter to and from activities, preps our daughter's food, does her laundry once/week, and basically keeps the house tidy.  We have a separate cleaning lady.
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