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Not wanting to test

So, I can't tell if I am being crazy or if I am just trying to protect myself from bad news.

I do not want to test, but I am 3 days late, but I also ovulated late.  Does anyone else ever feel this way?  I feel like if I test and its negative than I'm bummed until I get AF.  But, if I don't test, I can keep a glimmer of hope.  I start testing this cycle when I get AF - so if I'm not pregnanct at least I will start my next steps.

I can't describe how I feel to people I know IRL - because I'm afraid they won't understand.

I think I will give myself 1 more day.  Am I crazy? 

Re: Not wanting to test

  • I know what you mean. I've been dreading doing an OPK every day because I just have such an irregular an long cycle that we never know when it is. :(
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  • yeah I understand.  I know clomid causes your cycles to be longer.  I had a 25 day cycle last month (3-5 days late) and tested I got a BFN.  This month I am on cycle day 27 and i wont even buy a test.  I'm afraid that if a buy a test AF will show up. My cycles are typically 19-21 days
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