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TRS and pregnancy

has anyone had Tricare reserve select while pregnant? DH is National Guard but has been on orders that recently ended and we are not sure when they will start up again so I was just curious what the co pays are like. Thanks.
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Re: TRS and pregnancy

  • If you go to and select Family of National Guard or Reserve Memeber (Not Activated), type in your zip code and select Tricare Reserve Select it should give you the info you need. I'd give you info myself but we have Tricare Prime. Hope you find what you're looking for :)
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  • TRS has a $100 or $150 deductible that you pay for the whole of your pregnancy once your Dr. gets your global authorization. Then you pay a flat fee for each day you're in the hospital when delivering.  I would call and the reps can go over it, but I called yesterday to clarify and they said the global authorization covers OB appts, tests for baby and delivery. 
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  • I have TRS and I know nothing about deductibles and all that other healthcare jargon.

    All I know is that throughout my pregnancy, I paid minimal copays (~$10/visit and $3/prescriptions). And as far as I am concerned TRS is awesome! My DS is 4months and I still haven't gotten a hospital bill. I had 2 emergency hospital stays during my pregnancy and did not get any bills.

    Also, if you are a slacker like my DH, you don't have to worry about getting LO into the tricare system right away because they are automatically covered for their first 90 days! Hope I helped! 

    Like PP said, it depends on the area but I had no problem in the Western New York area accepting Tricare.  

  • What I know so far with TRS (being covered myself) is 1. I did not have to pay a deductable to the Dr. Office, nor any co-payments. I just show up for my appointments. 2. I only pay $9 a month for my Rx prenatals. 3. All ultrasounds that are "medically necessary" are covered. 4. In-patient care is going to be $16/day once LO arrives.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Thank you were all very helpful! Jamie I absolutely love the pic of ur LO in your siggy!
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