TTC after 35

2 losses in 2 years, both in October

After 4 BFNs and no AF, I finally got a BFP.  But, my betas only rose about 10 points every 2 days.  They started me on progesterone injections and vaginal gel.  My RE finally told me to stop taking the progesterone that this wasn't a good pregnancy. 

Now I'm just waiting for AF to show up.  I'm sad, but trying to stay as positive as I can.



1st pregnancy: BFP- 6/28/09 - Found out we lost our little girl on 10/9/09 at 19w 4d - D&E- 10/14/09

June 2010, corrective surgery for Septate Uterus and large fibroids

2nd pregnancy: BFP- 10/18/10 - Slow rising, non-doubling HCGs, no heart beat. Non-viable pregnancy, D&C- 11/12/10

Started Metformin 6/30/11, Started Clomid 7/20/11 - Unsuccessful

HSG and Laparoscopic surgery revealed blocked tubes and lots of scar tissue...IVF here we come!!!

Surprise BFP naturally!!! IT'S A BOY!!!

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Re: 2 losses in 2 years, both in October

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