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How are you and baby Josie doing this morning?
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Re: ++ SnoopyLuv ++

  • I was wondering the same thing.



  • Aww you two are sweet. She keeps alternating between breech and transverse but I am still having near constant contractions. Of course when I went to the hospital yesterday after my OB appt I didn't have a single one until I started to leave!

    I just got the call for my scheduled c/s on Nov 16, but I and my MW really don't think I'll make it. I am absolutely miserable because I'm cramping/contracting all day and night long but I don't think they're going to write me out of work for much longer Sad

    I will keep you guys updated, I spend most of my day on my hands and knees and with my butt in the air trying to convince her that head down is the way to be!

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