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Spring OBGYN and NYU Tisch hospital

Hi - does anyone go to Spring OBGYN in NYC?  Can you tell me about the practice, which dr. you see?  I've heard Dr. Maldonado and Dr. Flagg are good.

They are affiliated w/ NYU Tisch Hospital but I don't know much about their maternity ward.  

If you have reviews/info on either, please let me know.

Re: Spring OBGYN and NYU Tisch hospital

  • I can't comment on the OBGYN; however I did have my first son at NYU and will have this son there in a few weeks.  Altough I have nothing to compare it to, my experience was great.  I thought that the staff was very attentive and the rooms were fine.  I stayed in a shared room which wasn't bad at all.  They do have a few private rooms ($525/night); however this is something that needs to be requested once the baby is born and if one is available, then it's yours, otherwise they will let you know if something becomes available during your stay.This wasn't the case with my first birth; however someone just told me that the policy has changed with regards to allowing a significant other spend the night in the non private room so long as both parties are in agreement.  Hope that helps and GL with the remainder of your pregnancy!

  • I've heard good things about Spring OBGYN, although not about specific doctors.

    I delivered twice at NYU (5 yrs and 2 yrs ago).  Labor and delivery were great.  Nice, spacious rooms and I really liked the nurses.  The recovery rooms aren't the nicest.  They can be cramped and very dated.  But the nurses were pretty good.  I only spent 1 night with each child, though.

    Good luck!

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  • bonnie (certified nurse midwife) saw me for pre-natal care and dr. maldonado delivered my baby about 2.5 years ago.  i love them both and would highly recommend them to anyone.  i worked at NYU Tisch as a nurse (not on L&D floor) and delivered there as well.  While the rooms are not as nice as other hospitals in the city, I had a great experience overall.
  • Hello! I actually had Dr. Flagg deliver my baby on Nov. 3 at NYU. She was great. There are currently 4 MDs there, and you rotate through all four at the end so that you have met all the doctors since your doctor might not necessarily deliver you. My doctor was Dr. Easterlin who was also great. I would highly recommend the practice and all the doctors.


    i also really liked NYU. They did a great job. We had to stay in NICU and the NICU was wonderful as well. Good luck

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