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Think I need to take a walk.... but can't

There was a question on my other message board I post on....asking "how many doctors were in your c section?"

I tried to respond nice, but maybe it didn't sound too nice.  I did say.... "the last thing on my mind was who was in the room.... I was just praying that my girls would be ok...."

I really try to be a nice person...and maybe I'm just tired today...but I just don't think people stop to think how LUCKY they are to carry their babies to full term.  I'm home alone with the girls...and can't go out to take a walk to clear my head.  I just needed to vent......

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Re: Think I need to take a walk.... but can't

  • How does anyone even remember that??? I know we had the OB, the neonatologist, my midwife and a boatload of nurses, but I have no clue how accurate my perception is. 
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  • I don't have an exact number but it was a crowd.  I know there was an attending ob and 3 residents.  An attending anestesiologist and resident, The neo attending and some residents.  Plus the nicu nurses and ob nurses.  It was the second week in July at a teaching hospital so all the new residents had just started so there were the residents that did stuff and the residents that just watched.  I also had a huge crush on one of the residents so I was attentive to who was there (after E was born and taken to the nicu)!
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  • sorry you had to deal with some numb nuts today! Hope that you have a better tonight.
  • It's ok to have days like that sometimes. We have been through a lot. It is easy to be bitter. Most people take for healthy pregnancies/babies for granted. Hang in there.
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  • I *think* I had three nurses, my OB, the neonatologist and possibly a resident or something. I didn't have a C section but it was such a blur. I have to rely on DH's answers to stuff like that. I agree with you, I was so focused on dd being okay.



  • i have no idea how many people were in the room since i had to be put under general anaestesia since i was so swollen from the HELLP that the anastesiologist could not get a spinal to work on me.  :(  hugs to you.
  • I couldn't agree with you more. I was just thinking, "Please God, let my baby be ok." Along with "I can't believe this is happening." Most people don't know how lucky they really are.
  • Oh there were a ton of people there. It felt like a sporting event! There was my OB, Anesthesiologist, surgical tech, 2 nurses for my Csection. Then there were 2 NICU nurses and the Neo for Aiden.
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  • It's funny.  I thought it was me, doctor, nurse, and I saw another nurse or something in the distance. 

    Ryan told me it was actually a whole *slew* of people.  It just wasn't what I was worried about at the time!

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