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My second

Ok, So my daughter is going to be 7 by the time this one is born, and I'm short 5'2", but I'm already in maternity clothes at 9 weeks!!! Whats up with that, and the funny thing I've only gained 3lbs, I just popped at 8 weeks and that was it bye bye size 6 jeans and hello yoga pants...So I feel like a freak everywhere I go because everyone assumes I'm in my second trimester ( I have a bump I'm not full out huge yet)...but my goodness how did this happen so fast? Am I alone in this?

Re: My second

  • My DD is turning 8 next month so I will have a big age difference as well. They say you pop earlier with your second. I am 5'1 and have also gained 3 pounds. I doubt I could fit into maternity clothes though. I'm really petite so I just go up a size. I have had to retire a few dresses and skirts already. I've had bump/bloat since 7 weeks.
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  • Same here.  This is my second as well and I'm 10 weeks and I'm already showing :-( But I'm 5'7. 
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