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Help! Slow rising beta.

I had my second IUI on October 7th and blood work on October 22 (15 days post IUI) and the result was 18. The nurse said that I will most like have an early miscarriage or that it could be a possible ectopic pregnancy.

I went for blood work again today and my beta was 83, so it more than tripled. However, she still said she is "very concerned" that the numbers aren't where they want them to be, over 100 at this point.

So I'm scheduled to have more blood work on Thursday and I'm having lower back pain today, but I have lower back pain chronically, and I may go a month with a feeling good back, then have a few days of pain and tightness. So the back pain could be nothing.

Still no period either. I'm wondering how come they are totally not considering that it might (although a very slight chance) could be a real pregnancy. And how they heck can they diagnose an ectopic? Could a vaginal ultrasound detect it yet?

Re: Help! Slow rising beta.

  • Are you on progesterone?  Low progesterone can cause lower back pain too.  If you're not, I would call them about that ASAP.  GL!
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  • No I'm not on progesterone.

    I spoke with the nurse again and scheduled a phone appointment to speak with my RE on Friday. The waiting and not knowing is an absolute nightmare.

    She said that she thinks my doctor will treat me for a "presummed ectopic". Ugh.


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  • No advice, just hope it gets higher soon and you have a sticky baby thats being stubborn.
  • imagetumble:
    No advice, just hope it gets higher soon and you have a sticky baby thats being stubborn.

    this {{hugs}}

  • I am not sure what sort of answer you want. I would love to be the positive poster, however, this is EXACTLY what happened to me on my BFP cycle. My numbers were very similar. We went in for our 7w u/s and got a slow heartbeat. I had a natural miscarriage at 8 weeks.

    This being said, I have heard of healthy babies born that started with these same numbers.

    I am sending you sticky baby dust and so much good luck!!!

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  • I'm so sorry! I can imagine that it is confusing, frustrating and emotionally draining. Hopefully you can do something nice for yourself this weekend. Hugs!

  • Hey ladies,

    Thanks so much your support. I spoke with my RE on Friday and she feels pretty strongly that this is not an ectopic, which I was relieved to hear. She also said that if it is ectopic that we could try again after just 1 month, not the 3 months I thought.

    She said that it is unlikely that it is a viable pregnancy (probably only 5 to 15% chance that it is viable), which I'm okay with, but of course the limbo is just really difficult.

    I had bleeding (bright red) on Sunday for about an hour, with NO cramping then it just stopped. Blood work again this we'll see. My RE said that I could probably get an ultrasound some time next week.


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