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Anyone have an appt tomorrow?

I have my second official appointment with an OB tomorrow.  MY office has 3 OB's and 3 midwives who all share call.  My plan is to meet with all of them so I will know them all when I go into Labor.  My appt is for 10:40am.  My DH cannot be there because he has a midterm which is a huge bummer but I didn't want to reschedule because I will be hearing the hb and i feel like I have already waited forever.


Will update with any news:)  

Re: Anyone have an appt tomorrow?

  • I do! It is our first official OB appt tomorrow. We got to see the heartbeat a little sooner, (we had a little scare and had to go to ER, but all is well). BUT tomorrow is our first appt with our doctor and we will get to HEAR the heartbeat! We are sooooo excited!!
  • I do! It will be my first regular OB appointment since being released from my RE.

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  • Good luck to all of you!
  • I have my second appointment tomorrow at 2:30. Anxious to hear the hb because I always freak myself out a few days after the last appointment that there is no longer a baby and I imagined the whole thing, lol.

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  • Good luck to all of you.  My next OB appt is 11/5, but I go in for my NT scan on Friday.
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  • i have my second appt tomorrow too! 9am!!
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  • I will have my third app tomorrow at 2:30. My doc offered to do an ultrasound every week in the first trimester for peace of mind bec we had a misscarriage last year. So far we have not been able to hear the heartbeat but we have been able to see it!!
  • I have my 12 week ultrasound tomorrow. The midwife didn't say it was the NT scan, but I'm thinking it will be. My appt is at 2pm, and I'm excited and nervous. Good luck tomorrow! Looking forward to your update. :)
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  • Big Smile Good luck to everyone who has one tomorrow! My 2nd is on Wednesday. We get to hear the heartbeat! I'll be 13w 3d
  • GL to everyone! I have my NT scan tomorrow morning and I'm nervous. But I'm looking forward to seeing the baby again! :-)

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  • I do!! It is my first OB appointment and I can't sleep. Hoping to hear the HB, but I am freaking myself out thinking I won't. I have a tilted ute and if I can't hear it then I will just think something is wrong and that the baby is gone...Here is hoping I hear it loud and clear! GL to all the ladies with appointments!

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  • Good luck to all of you tomorrow!  I have my 12 week appointment on Wednesday and cannot wait!! 
  • Yep!  I have my second official appt tomorrow and NT scan.  Hoping all goes well for everyone!
  • Yup. I have my second OB visit (it's been 4 weeks!!) and then I have my NT scan. Now I wish I had spread them out a bit. 

    I hope everyone has great appointments today.

  • I have my first appt. this afternoon and am going crazy waiting!
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