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Switching from Alimentum

Similac Alimentum was a lifesaver for us. After cutting out all dairy while breastfeeding my baby girl still couldn't tolerate breastmilk. So her pedi recommended Alimentum after trying many other formulas (I refused to put her on soy) and she finally took to the bottle. She has been on this formula for several months and is now 7 months old. Her pedi wants us to wean her off of the Alimentum onto a "regular" formula. Again I refuse to put her on soy. I have done research on formulas and am set on trying Good Start Gentle Plus. I was wondering if anyone else has made this switch and how their babies did. Any posts would be appreciated. :)

Re: Switching from Alimentum

  • We use the Good Start Gentle Plus, and it has been a lifesaver! After I had to stop breastfeeding (because my c-section incision got infected and I was antibiotics for over a month, my supply dried up), we tried a couple other formulas, but Emerson has a very sensitive stomach and was colic. This is a great formula, she digested it so much easier than anything else we tried.
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