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Hi Everyone, this is my first post.  Nobody I know is pregnant with me so I need some support and questions answered from time to time.  So here it goes.  My name is Natalie, I am 12 weeks along, this is my first baby.  I was told I would not have children, they were scheduling me for a full hesterctomy.  And suprise, there was a baby in there!  I am recently divorced and the father is my new guy.  Hard cause my husband and I tried to get pregnant for 7 years. One of the main reasons our marriage ended.  The dad is extemley happy, wants us to be a family, wants to move in.  It is all going so fast.  I am a full time student and work.  My due date is may 7, I graduate from college on may 4, hope this little one stays in there!  I am the only one with fears of the future?

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  • Wow, you have a lot going on! I would just relax and enjoy the blessing you have been given! My step-sister was told she'd never had children too and her miracle son just turned 1 this year and recently she found out she is pregnant again! So don't worry- things will all work out! Congrats!!
  • Hi Natalie,

    I'm new here too. Congrats on your little one! I'm a first time mom also, and don't really know anyone who is pregnant with me either. Good luck with everything! 

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  • I agree with Nessa- Relax and enjoy your miracle!  I think that stressing out when you are pregnant is natural and scary! I'm pregnant with my second and it isn't any less scary!  It is a huge (and wonderful) change.  Get all of the rest that you can now and remember that life is good!  You are accomplishing a lot and remember with every decision that you make, think it through and decide how it will affect your little one.  What a great graduation present! 

    Good luck and best wishes on all of your new adventures!


     P.S. Everyone has advice for you- do what you feel you are comfortable with and what will fit into your life.  With that note- the best advice given to me the first time around (and I still swear by!) is to eat oatmeal every day!  It is good for you on so many levels and it'll help keep you from being constipated which comes naturally with this territory!

  • I'm a first time mom as well, and I was terrified of the future the entire time I was pregnant. Embrace your pregnancy, because it goes by so fast, and before you know it, your little one is here. The fears don't go away once the baby is born, but it does get a little easier to handle once you're staring into those bright eyes and feeling their little hands wrapped around your fingers.
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