Pregnant after 35

Pregnant, over 35, and doing it alone

HI! I'm new to this. Is there a community for women over 35 who are pregnant and the "donor" doesn't want to be a dad?

Re: Pregnant, over 35, and doing it alone

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    I'm sorry you're in this position. This is a great board and the Parenting Over 35 board rocks! There's also a Single Parents board, but there's no Single Parents Over 35 board.

    Good luck!

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    The PP answered already but I didn't want to not say anything and just be another post count.  Good luck to you!
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    I just found out yesterday.  Haven't shared the news yet.  I have a sad feeling I'll be going through the whole process alone as well being that I don't communicate much with the "donor" anymore.  In fact, he's been in and out of the picture for months now.  Feel free to message me anytime.  We'll have each other!
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    HI! I'm sorry that I did not respond sooner to your post. I This website is difficult to maneuver through. Have you told him yet? My donor likes to send me random, threatening text messages, as if I'm not stressed out enough. How are you holding up? If you'd like, my email is

     I hope that you are doing well!


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    Good for you girly - embracing this - it is going to be so exciting!  (though, you may not think so now).   I have a 12 yr old and am 27 weeks w/my second (new husband wanted a child).  Oh, I'm also 40!   I was terrified with my first tho - bad relationship, unplanned and not excited AT ALL.  Gotta say, despite being 'anti-children' prior to my 1st child - there is nothing more fun, enjoyable and satisfying in this life than him (who knew??!!)    Good Luck!  Enjoy the ride! 

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