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Maternity Pants- Anyone else a little annoyed?

Let me start by saying I love my maternity jeans. They are so comfortable on those days I'm really bloated, but I get kind of frustrated with the sizing/stretching out situation.

I've come to the conclusion I like the pants that come in number sizes better than the S,M,L they have at Motherhood. I have 2 pair from motherhood, and while I do like them, they are just a little annoying! I'm a size 12 (some 10's maybe?) so I buy a large (*gag*) which is a 12-14, well they fit okay at first, a little lose but nothing to write home about, but end up stretching out and i have to keep pulling them up. I know its because they have to accommodate a 14 as well, but UGH! I tried on mediums, and they do fit, just a little snug in the legs. I'm just not sure if I should buy them like that and expect them to stretch out, or keep on with the larges.

I also went to Old Navy and Target, and it seems like trying to find a 10 or a 12 is like looking for black gold. I swear they had everything too big, and nothing really in the 8-12 range. Geeze Louise.

Anyone else having this issue?

Sorry for turning this into a rant. lol I'm tired and being cranky. 

Re: Maternity Pants- Anyone else a little annoyed?

  • i feel the exact same way and am having the exact same problem. I am the same size as you and have the same motherhood jeans. The only problem is im short so its hard to find petite 10/12 jeans except for motherhood. But i feel ridiculous pulling up my jeans every 5 mins and the baginess after an hour or two.
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  • Ditto and I cannot stand it.

    I think very soon I'll be wearing nothing but leggings and long sweaters to avoid the constant hiking up of my pants. Ugh. 

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  • Welcome to the wonderful world of BellaBands. I wore one every single day with my maternity pants in my last pregnancy.
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  • I love motherhood jeans, but don't expect them to loosen up.  I found that they actually shrank a little after the first washing, and then never stretched.  Last time I started in a medium and then had to buy some larges when I was 30+ weeks. 
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  • When I bought my motherhood jeans the sales women told me to buy what felt tight ( I was wearing a 12/14 prepregnancy) so I bought the large, the legs did feel tight, but she swore they would stretch!

    They did!! I am so glad I did not go up a size!

    I would go back and try the M, when I was a 10(12 somedays), I wore a M in everything(not pregnant).

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  • I am just having problems finding maternity clothes period.  I looked at Target and Kohls and they had pretty much nothing (maybe because we are in between seasons here).  I am going to try Old Navy this weekend, but the rubber band trick on my pants is really starting to get uncomfortable.  I am guessing I will be doing most of my shopping online :(
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  • I'm going to have to do most of my shopping online, too, because none of the stores people recommend are around me (or have maternity sections).

    But the online shopping is just as frustrating, if not more!  I ordered a ton of stuff from gap and old navy, based on my pre-pg sizes at those stores, and the online size charts.

    90% of the stuff is going back because nothing fits right.  

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  • I agree that sizes S, M, L, XL are rather limiting. I went to Motherhood yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised they carry some petite sizes but their dress pants did not fit me well at all. They were good everywhere (length and thighs), but they gave me a pouch near my crotch! Ugly. I am not ready for that look. I found jeans (pants and skirt) that fit well, though. We'll see after I wash them. 

    After I got home, I ordered pants at They have more size selection. And so does Gap.  

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