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Questions and Concerns about Meds

Good morning, Ladies!

My DH and I were talking last night.  As AF has arrived and I have to get my mammogram this week and the final blood work done - we are getting closer to being prescribed meds.

Our concern is this - our RE nurse explained that I must get an updated mammogram before starting the meds because "if" there is anything in there, no matter how small, the meds will cause it to grow.  Well, my last mammogram results showed something like they couldn't get a completely clear read because of the density of my breasts.  That scares us.  Has anyone heard this from their doctor?  We really want to have a baby, however, one of my worst fears is not being here to raise the baby with my DH.  What other side effects have any of you heard of?  If I hear back from my RE's office with an explanation - I will update this post. Is there a special mammogram for women with dense breasts?  I'm not that big chested (38C) but what good is a mammogram if you can't get a total picture?

I didn't post this to scare anyone but I was hoping to get some answers from those ladies who have been going through TTC longer than I have.

Any advice is appreciated.

HUGS to all.

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Re: Questions and Concerns about Meds

  • I don't have much advice - I just turned 40 in Aug so haven't had a mammogram but I do worry about the high estrogen levels from the meds and their link to breast cancer.  There's also alot of controversy over mammograms in younger women (under 50) at the moment.

    Can you call the place where you get your mammogram and see if you can get those questions answered?

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  • I'm going to contact my RE's office and then call the other place.  I have heard that there is a different kind of mammogram for more dense breasts.  I will be 43 in April and my RE told me I needed a mammogram before starting the meds.  I will update once I get an answer.
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  • Hi,

    I am high risk for breast cancer (have the gene) so I undergo testing every six months alternating the mammogram and a breast MRI. I am 37 and have been doing this since I was 35.  I also have dense breasts.  There is no other mammogram that I've ever heard of and I see a breast surgeon. I would think they would be on top of the latest technology.  The MRI will pick up stuff the mamm can't.  Ask for an MRI if the suspicious image is still on your mamm.  If it is on the MRI, they may do an ultrasound or a biospy.  GL!

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  • Thank you.  They didn't say they saw anything just that the breasts are dense.  I am waiting to hear back from my RE and see what they have to say.  I just remember hearing about something else I think called a digital mammogram.  I will let you all know what I find out.
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  • My OB/Gyn ordered a mamo at age 35 just to have a baseline. After 3 attempts (ouch!!!) they sent the results to the doc and he couldn't see squat.  Same thing - boobs are too dense. SO I went for a breast ultrasound.  I would opt for this any day of the week because it was easy as pie and no pain (I don't know if other people have pain with a mamo but maybe its the dense breasts - also I have a neck problem sot he most painful thing was holding my neck in such a contorted position while they did THREE mamos).

    BTW - it has nothing to do with breast size, I'm a 32 A. I just ook it as a complement. It means their nice and firm and not squishy!  Hey, gotta take what complements I can get at this point of AMA!

     Def get something though b/c you don't want to do the meds without knowing for sure. Breast cancer is really awful!

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  • Thanks for the input.  My last one hurt so bad but my doctor never told me that part of the test couldn't be read.  I just found this out when I got a copy of all of my labs to give to my RE.

     As for breast cancer - I don't want to even think about that.  My DH's ex-wife went through it.  She just had her reconstruction earlier this year.  It was horrible to watch her go through it.  Luckily, she did get through it.

     I am still waiting on an answer from my RE's office.

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